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Fashion changes with time and so to incorporate with the changing fashion trend , today we will review one of the best fitness tracker from Misfit the “Misfit ray”. At a glance, no one can predict that it is actually a fitness tracker, it seems like a bracelet in your hands. It is a basic tech device which has a cost of around £79, and $99 and because of basic functionalities it is cheaper than the other Android wear smartwatches in the market but a bit costly than the Fitbit Flex .

Misfit ray is a stylish, simple and sleek fitness tracker that has a module which is solely responsible for all connectivity and communication among the device. Misfit is known best for its trendy and stylish look with its small size and it is committed to that only with Misfit Ray too, though it has only basic functions and many more companies are coming up with their products in the market which is used to manage the balance between fitness and fashion.

Misfit Ray Design

trendy fitness tracker


The Misfit Ray has a tracker with the length of 38-mm which is 1.5 inches contains a cylindrical shape with two colours of carbon black and rose gold and it has the total weight of 8 gram and it is also resistant to water for 50m. It has a diameter of 12mm. Misfit ray looks stylish and it comforts you while wearing it for long durations and but if you are not that fond of bracelets and bangles than you can also have it as a necklace with the combination of chain or something.

At a glance, it seems to be a hollow tube,but it has three button-sized batteries that are embedded with the straps of the Misfit Ray and either end of the strap can be attached with the 8mm bar which is hidden, As you twist the Misfit ray straps you will be able to see the battery compartment of the Misfit Ray.It has also moved to its trendy looks by having a multicoloured LED in that against the display , it doesn't have a display as compared to other fitness trackers. It has an aluminium body which is aircraft anodized. It also has a Bluetooth synchronization. It also has a 3-axis accelerometer Sensor, one important point to note down is this that it can only be started ( smart buttons) through its linked app.

Misfit Ray Features

The Misfit ray can monitor sleep by tracking its quality and duration , it will also keep a watch on your steps by calculating how many steps and distance you have travelled so far. It also has a Tag for some special activities like yoga and cycling, while exercising it will also keep a track of calories burned by you. you can get an alert through LED lights for  calls, alarms and text messages etc. but it doesn't have a display screen so will have to compromise with the alert lighting only. It also has a Battery life of six months which is quite sufficient for the fitness tracker and is also count to be a good advantage of the Misfit Ray.

It allows you to keep a track on your routine activities while giving a control in your hands of the surrounding world of yours, you can get vibration alerts , set reminders ,connect with Spotify , control your music, Logitech Harmony, and many more activities.

Misfit  Ray App

misfit ray app


You can link your device with the misfit ray to access it remotely ,you can have a selfie or picture, you can even control your music and you can control your presentation slides to move it to next or previous.Tag features in the app are Swimming, Running, Basketball,Walking, Cycling, Yoga,  Tennis, Soccer, and Dancing. you have all the data related to your past activities so that you can compare your previous data with the present to get the final analysis, also it provides the data in a story format which is easy to understand and interesting too. It keeps an accurate data of your sleep , weight , diet etc . to provide you better results.

Misfit  Ray Compatibility

The Misfit Ray is compatible with Google nexus 4,5,6 , Samsung Galaxy S4, S5,S6 , Samsung Note 3,4, and 5 and iPhone 4S, 5,5C,5S,6, and 6 Plus it is also compatible with the iPod Touch but it must be of 5th gen. and above, it is also compatible with the iPad 3,4,Air and Mini devices having iOS 7 and above .

Misfit  Ray


  • It is a Sleek  software device
  • It is a Stylish Band which doesn't look like a fitness tracker
  • It has a good battery life of 6 Months
  • It can Track you sleep
  • you can also have Misfit Ray on while swimming
  • you have some customization options too
  • It won't pop out itself.


  • Doesn't functions like a smartwatch
  • Quite expensive due to basic functions
  • It has a very basic tracking of activities
  • It doesn't have a display
  • can be uncomfortable sometimes
  • More alerts are required in the Misfit Ray

Conclusion :

Overall it's a good product which actually doesn't seem to be a fitness tracker  if you could manage its price despite its basic functionalities.