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The day without a white paper encrypted with both exaggerated and the creative writings can hardly be imagined. The paper which flows us from the world of sports to the world of politics can hardly be ignored without a cup of tea. However, in this busy schedule of work when we wear hats of different designations even let us forget about the basic requirements, the newspapers are not included in the race. Also due to the exaggerated and the overwriting in the newspaper make us move towards the app that will ease our path without having any side effect on our work. Though the debate between the political titans is overwhelming to watch but sometimes the over reaction are difficult to digest. So, here is the best news app that will definitely save your time and will give you the details of all the current happenings across the globe.


So, move on with the countdown.

  1. ESPN: – The news from the world of sports is always an overwhelming one for us. Your favorite batsman playing the cricketing shots to the goalkeeper diving to save the goal is an interesting stuff and exciting to watch. Here is one of the best sports app that will be like a dream coming true app for you which will update you with all the current happenings in and around the world of sports. The news can also be read from its official website.


Download here ESPN

2. UC NEWS: – A news app having a wide range of fields starting from the political world to the shining world of the celebrities is a must downloaded one. The app which automatically updates you with the current happenings can hardly be ignored without downloading on your device. It has one of the best innovative and the Prodigy titles that is itself capable of attracting the user towards itself. So, go to Google Play Store and download this marvelous app.


Download here  UC NEWS

3. AWESUMMLY: – Well, you can forget your sip of tea but the in your hand sitting under the pale morning sunlight can hardly be forgotten by you. But sometimes the exaggerated and the overrated writings in the newspaper insist you decollate. Here, is the best news app that will provide you with all the latest information in just about 60 words and the writings in this app is far more than appreciable. So, go to Google Play Store and download this awesome app awesummly and let you enjoy the news in a short interval of time. You can also read the short news from its official website.


Download here the News in Short

4.COUNTABLE: – The rivalry between the various political parties and the political titans is always full of thrill and excitement. So, if you have a deep interest in politics then this app is specifically confined to politics. Once logged into the account you can have a complete look at your representatives and this made it an essential stuff at the time of elections. So, if there is an election going around your constituency then this app becomes the must download one and trust me you can hardly ignore it.

Countable app  Countable

Download here Countable

5. GOOGLE NEWS AND WEATHER: – The change in the weather condition can hardly be predicted by anyone and it changes due to the climate changes happening on the surface of the earth. This creates a problem when you are planning to enjoy the cool sunny day with your family and suddenly the bad clouds split water on your dreams. That time the need of this particular app becomes the most which will update with the changes happening in the weather conditions and thus will secure your holiday. So, go to Google Play Store and download this awesome app.



6. YAHOO NEWS: – The news app with millions of followers is a must downloaded one and is a shining one in the heap of coal. The app expanding its feet ranging from the world of sports to the shining world of the celebrities is far more than appreciable. Whatever field you are thinking of just scroll down your finger on that particular icon and the next moment a collection of news will be flashed on your screen. So, what are you waiting for just download this marvelous app and can enjoy the news under the notch of your fingers?


Download here YAHOO NEWS

7. POCKET: – With the interesting headlines capable of attracting a large number of people is the perfect app for you. The stories beautifully written with the punch lines are far more than appreciable and is always interesting to read. The advanced feature of this app allows the user to save the news for further reading and also let you know what all stuff your friends have saved for their further reading. Isn’t it interesting? Go to Google Play Store and download this awesome, marvelous and Prodigy app.


Download here POCKET

8. INOREADER: – Instead of browsing different websites you can have a look at this app which allows the user to save web pages for later viewing of the contents. Download this app and enjoy the news under the tip of your finger.


Download here INOREADER