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Xiaomi’s General Manager Tang Mu confirmed the news of launching Xiaomi’s new product “Virtual Reality (VR) headset “which support Google’s Daydream platform, optimized for MIUI users is an infotainment video resources that will give users an enjoyable visual experience.

The news of this Chinese smartphone maker and its unrevealed features and details announced on Aug 1, 2016, comes from Weibo. Working of Xiaomi’s VR headset is expected to be as similar as of Samsung GearVR.

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Xiaomi Products

Xiaomi has been diversifying into newly innovative products and will be the first manufactures among android that launched such a device while Huawei is also working on the same platform and already announced their Daydream VR to be launched by the end of 2016.

Xiaomi aims to exceed expectations by launching innovative products in the field of software, hardware and services. Besides software, hardware and services, Xiaomi also extending their business into new product categories like Air conditioners and Lamps.

Earlier this week Xiaomi introduced its first laptop “Mi Notebook Air “at an event in China, which holds little resemblance with Apple’s Macbook in terms of design and is considered to be a direct competitor. At the same event, Xiaomi also launched “Redmi Pro” which is the company’s most expensive Redmi branded device till date and promises to offer decent performance.

Virtual Reality Effects

Virtual Reality has been the most talkative technology over the past couple of years. Virtual Reality headset are widely used for Computer Games and also used for applications such as simulators and trainers.

They comprise an enjoyable cinematic experience with stereo sound making virtual reality experience so real that we forget the computer, headgear and accessories and act exactly as we are in real world. It also comprises eye tracking sensors which is used for measuring eye positions and eye movement. With positive impact, Virtual Reality also has some long term effects on health, Research studies conclude that Virtual reality can cause health illness such as headache, blurred vision etc.

Pricing Rumors

Rumors of VR headset cost is nearby $90 USD which is not yet confirmed and will compete drastically with the likes of Samsung, LG, Sony who developed their own VR headsets.

It has also been stated by Google that this Daydream platform compatible on smartphones will work only on the restricted hardware which would result in bad VR experience.