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Kik Messenger is an impressive messaging app which lets you connect with your relatives, family members and friends without emitting any sound, word, and phrases . You don't have to remember the phones numbers of your relatives, you can start chatting by just picking up the username. The user can share his memories, emotions, pictures, videos, games and many other things via Kik Messenger.

This is a totally free app which is very fast and secure which let you feel like amazing chat experience for your smartphone. The user also receives notifications of the messages sent, the messages delivered, messages read and many other notifications. The user can privately share his memories and pictures present in the gallery or group chat. The user can also make groups by adding the number of his friends to the conversations. You don't have to pay any fees as this app is completely free. The app is designed beautifully with stylish grids and elegant background. The app lets you connect with your old friends and colleagues. The user can make his details mentioned in the app private by making changes in the privacy settings. This is the most popular messenger app among teenagers as they have developed their own words, phrases, and even slangs. The app becomes so popular that many other companies and people created its extended version which is known as modded.

Kik Messenger Login

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Kik Messenger Features

Kik Bots

Kik bot is a feature of Kik messenger which delivers the user fun, engage and other services via chat. The user can find various options like laughs, smiles, watching videos, makeup tips, stylish and modish GIFs, and weather conditions.There are more than 120 Kik bots present in the Kik Bot shop like game bots, entertainment, lifestyle bots, and many other informative bots. The user will find Kik Bots for each and every occasion and festivals.

Smartphone Compatible

Kik Messenger app is compatible with smartphones or other mobile devices via downloading Kik Messenger apk. The big success of this app is because of its compatibility with smart phones and other android devices.

Kik Groups

Kik messenger is an interesting way which let you chat with different people stays at different location and countries. The user can create Kik groups by which the user can chat with many friends in a single conversation at any time whether in night or day. The user can share his pictures, files, emotions and many other notifications to many people present in the Kik messenger app with a single click. Kik group includes family members group, colleagues group, friends groups and many other members can be added via Kik group.

One-To-One chat

The app allows the user to chat one-to-one with the friends i.e. the user can chat privately with his friend and relatives by sharing his emotions, text and pictures to a single user not in a group.

Kick Clubs

People can join different groups and clubs as well. The user can throw a Kik parties as well via games and chats. The user can add up to 50 members in a club.

Kik Messenger Sign up Guide

Kik Messenger comes with a Sign-up guide which let the user know the terms and conditions of the messenger for more information. This guide is just for providing education regarding the features and violations.

Kik Themes

Kik Messenger comes with limited customization options like the user can change background colors by selecting different color options like pink, black, blue and other color options and patterns.

Kik Games

Kik messenger comes with various games like simple and easy text games, mind games to challenge the brain, and many other games which allow you to play with your old and newly friends, colleagues, and family members.

Kik Messenger


Kik Messenger: Procedure to Sign Up

  • Download the Kik Messenger app: The user has to download the app via play store. You have to search Kik app in your device's play store and then download the app. This app is free to download as the user does not have to pay any money for downloading.
  • Set Your profile: The user has to set his unique profile which let you share the contact information and let you see the list of people available. To set up your profile, the user has to provide the unique username, email address, and a password. The Kik messenger needs fewer personal details as compared with other messaging apps in order to create an account and delivers you the wider information and features to enhance your chatting experience.
  • Username: The user has to give a unique username which let the other member of the messenger app find  you on Kik messenger.
  • Email address and Password: The Kik messenger lets you reset your password if you were forgotten. After providing a username, the user has to provide a unique email address and password.
  • Settings: The user can keep his details and information private by changing the app's privacy Settings. The user can select the “Share profile” option which let you share your profile details to social media sites .

Kik Messenger


Kik Messenger: Procedure to Log out

In Kik messenger, the user will find the non-availability of the logout button. So to log out from the app, you have to follow few steps like:

  • First, go to the settings option placed at the top of the right side.
  • Reset the Kik app.
  • Click the account button which will then open a list of options.
  • Select the reset option to log out from the app.
  • Confirm again by selecting a yes option.
  • This procedure will not only let you log out from the current account but it will delete all your previous conversations as well.

Kik Messenger Pros and Cons


  • Kik messenger app is an entertaining app which lets you connect with your colleagues and many other Kik messenger app members via username. The user does not have to share his/her contact number, identity and any other private details like WhatsApp.
  • The user can create his own name which is unreal and can give any other fake mobile contact number in order to chat the other members by not disclosing his details.
  • The app is compatible with laptops, desktops, tablets and even with smartphones as well.
  • The app is compatible with Android devices, iOS devices and even with Windows phone.
  • Kik messenger let the user of the android devices change and customize their Kik messenger theme by following simple and easy steps and procedure. Peppermint pink theme is the most popular theme among other themes.
  • The user can have a conversation with more than one person or members via creating a Kik group.
  • The Kik messenger is not only to meet with your relatives, friends but also let you chat and share memories with new members which are unknown to you. The user can even make new friends as well.


  • The user has to wait to receive a reply from the people with whom he is having a conversation.
  • The app is very stable but sometimes bugs affect the app's stability, at that time the user has to report it to Kik interactive.
  • The theme customization is not compatible with iOS devices.