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The Samsung's upcoming smartphones Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 edge would be the bang on products in the market on the coming year.Samsung is known for some of the good smartphones and same is expected from Samsung this time also. It would be really disappointing if the Samsung would do any different this time rather than creating the amazing smartphones with some superb features.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 will have to face a strong competition with other smartphones brands which are high-specification flagship phones, and these may count OnePlus 4, Samsung Galaxy S8, LG G6 and XIAOMI MI 6.

Next year Release would be a competitive environment for most of the smartphones as many smartphones are expected to hit the market in the first quarter of the year 2017.

Samsung Galaxy S8

galaxy-s8-vs S8 edge


Samsung Galaxy S8 is the upcoming smartphones from the Samsung which is expected in the coming year with some of the amazing features. Samsung Galaxy s8 is expected to include the latest version of the Android operating system so it is expected that it may come up with the Android nougat as some other upcoming smartphones are also expected with the Android nougat which is a latest Android operating system.

A processor will give you a speed device to experience and so Samsung Galaxy s8 would come up with a Snapdragon Qualcomm octa-core processor. It is expected that the display screen size of the upcoming smartphone would be 5.2 inches with the associated resolution of 4096*2160 px.

A RAM size of 6 GB is more than sufficient for a smartphone as the RAM size will further provide the device a multitasking capability in a fast way. So with the higher RAM, it is possible to have a multitasking and a fast responding device, this time, to incorporate with your fast life schedule.

It may also include a camera combination of 30 MP of primary camera with the 9 MP of front facing camera to capture amazing pictures through your life journey, it may also have some additional camera features with the primary camera of the upcoming smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S8  is also expected with a strong battery backup of 4200 mAh battery. It will cost you around 51000 INR in the Indian market and similarly would land up in the International market with the cost of around $850.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge

Samsung Galaxy S8 edge


The next upcoming smartphone from the Samsung is Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge which is also expected in the coming year. It would have the latest Android operating system as it may land up in the next year.The Samsung galaxy s8 edge would have a display screen of 5.3 inches with the 4k resolution which will give you better quality pictures and videos.

As the Samsung Galaxy S8 ,Samsung Galaxy S8 edge may also have a RAM size of 6 GB which is more than sufficient for your daily purpose tasks or you can also say that for regular tasks.If we talk about camera features of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 edge then it may have the rear camera of 28 MP so that you won't need a DSLR when traveling or when you plan a tour with friends or family and a front camera of 8.1 MP to capture the selfies and beautiful moments.

It is also expected with the upcoming smartphone that it may come up with the strong, powerful, and long-lasting battery backup of  6200 mAh battery power which is a great news for the smartphone lovers or for those who want themselves to stay connected with the loved one and with the professional life also as this battery will give you continuous working hours.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge will cost you around 55000 INR in the Indian market on different shopping sites and similarly it will cost you around $900 in the International market.

With all these features the two smartphones from Samsung is expected to come up in the year 2017. They are all expected features or rumors as we are not yet sure about the features of Samsung Galaxy S8 edge with which they may land in the market but if the battery life of Samsung Galaxy s8 edge would be 6200 mAh in the real then it will be a great news for most of the people and for those who are a regular customer for Samsung and would wait for flagship smartphones from Samsung every year.

 Key Specifications 
Samsung Galaxy S8Samsung Galaxy S8 edge
Operating systemLatest Android VersionLatest Android Version
Battery Size4200 mAh Li-Ion6200 mAh Li-Ion
Resolution4096*2160 px4K
Rear Camera30 MP28 MP
Front Camera9 MP8.1 MP
Display Size5.2 Inches5.3 Inches
ProcessorOcta core, Qualcomm Snapdragon,Octa core, Qualcomm Snapdragon,
Price Estimation$850 or 51,000 INR$900 or 55,000 INR