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If you are searching for the best Portable Shampoo Bowls to wash your hairs with ease then you have come to the right place. we have the list of some best shampoo bowls that are portable and easy to use at home or salon. Now with the Portable Shampoo bowls, you need not go the salon for hair styling as you can do that at home with ease. So go through the options and select one of your choices.

Top 5  Portable Shampoo bowls 

 Weight Appoximation (Pounds)Buy Now
Saloniture Portable Salon Basin11.3amazon-button
Portable Shampoo Bowl Shamp-ease10amazon-button
Ableware 764302000 Easy Shampoo Basin1.8amazon-button
Best Choice Products® Portable Height Adjustable Shampoo Basin12amazon-button
Generic Portable Height Adjustable Shampoo Basin10amazon-button

 Saloniture Portable Salon Basin Shampoo Sink with Drain -Adjustable Height

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  • Saloniture Portable hair sink has made up of durable ABS composite
  • It has Large capacity with the portable basin
  • Includes an Adjustable height
  • Has a Pedestal base
  • It is perfect for any sitting arrangement through its tilting function.

It is a portable hair wash basin with the adjustable height and amazing features. It is an affordable product with the stain resistant feature. It has extra large and deep basin so that you can easily use the shampoo bowl. It also has  pedestal base with 5 legs.  This Saloniture is a light weight product with the roller wheels so that you can easily take it to the place of your choice.

Easy to useLegs are slippery

Portable Shampoo Bowl Shamp-ease

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  • This portable shampoo Basin is easy to assemble and convenient to use.
  • It has a portable design and is durable product
  • light weight product to use with ease
  • You have to provide your own water source
  • Good for the wheelchair patients

It is a portable shampoo bowl with the adjustment knob in the Shampoo bowl so it would be easy for you to adjust the shampoo bowl accordingly with the height of your choice. This compact and lightweight shampoo bowl can be used easily and with ease. It would also be easy to clean the shampoo bowl at the end of the process.

Movable and easy to useShampoo Bowl is not that deep
Height is adjustable

Ableware 764302000 Easy Shampoo Basin

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  • With the Ableware shampoo basin, it’s easy to shampoo a disabled person
  • It actually easy and simple to shampoo while the person is on bed
  • It provides you good support with the neck , head, and shoulder
  • It has double tube design which prevents splashing of water
  • It is a Compact,  very Comfortable, and Convenient to use

It is simple and easy to use with the two tubes that fit in comfortably with the neck , head, and shoulder and gives you comfort while shampooing the hairs.Users can inflate and deflate it anytime with ease.

StrongDrain system is OK
Better build in tube

Best Choice Products® Portable Height Adjustable Shampoo Basin Hair Treatment Bowl Salon Tool Black

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  • The Shampoo bowl has Black color gloss finish
  • The shampoo bowl is Made up of plastic which is  injection molded plastic
  • IT comes with an Adjustable height with the range of(39″ – 54″)
  • Includes a Hose which can extend up to 7 ft

This shampoo bowl is a lightweight and durable product which can be extended up to 7 ft. You can use the Shampoo bowl in spas, home or salons with ease.It is a stylish product, simple to use ,easy to clean product with the Adjustable heights.

Good spaceBowl could be deeper
Easy to use

Generic Portable Height Adjustable Shampoo Basin Hair Treatment Bowl Salon Tool Black

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  • The Shampoo bowl is made up of Reinforced plastic 
  • It is actually a Portable sink with the Adjustable style       
  • Includes a Large bowl for shampooing 
  • Has an Adjustable height (39″ – 54″) & angle
  • Large Base which is Stable 
  • Shampoo Bowl is stain-resistant

This shampoo bowl has an adjustable height with the basin so that you will feel comfortable and it would be easy for you to use it. It also has a Drain hose pipe of sufficient length to adjust with the sink.

ComfortableSometimes difficult to operate at low height.
Easy to use
Adjustable height

Top Recommendations

 Saloniture Portable Salon Basin Shampoo Sink

First in the list is the Saloniture Portable Salon Basin Shampoo Sink which is a popular product in the category and also has many features like adjustable height , extra-large basin, and 5 legs pedestal base to comfort you while shampooing and stay stable.This is the best choice among all and a good product to select.

Ableware 764302000

Second in the list is the Ableware 764302000 which is super easy to use and it is perfect for the disabled persons as you can use it on the bed also and it prevent splashing by its two tubes body layout. It will give you comfort while adjusting the proper pressure over neck, head , and shoulders.