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Are you looking for the electric pressure washer to clean your car? Then here you can see the top recommended and highly rated electric pressure washer to keep your car and home well-maintained. If you are looking for the best-valued electric pressure washer, then Handewerk is the best choice for you and if you are searching electric pressure washer for your residential purpose, then select Ivation Electric Pressure washer machine.

Top five electric pressure washer

 PSIWeight (lbs/pound) 
Sun Joe SPX3000203031amazon-button
THE FORCE 20001800-200024.1amazon-button
AR Blue Clean AR383SS190032amazon-button

Handewerk Electric Pressure Washer

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  • The Handewerk electric pressure washer is equipped with the handle and wheel which makes easier to move the product from one location to other location.
  • This electric pressure washer comes with the three nozzles which you can use for various purposes.
  • The Handewerk pressure washer is very easy to set up as this product comes with the simple design body.
  • The Handewerk electric pressure washer is powered by the self-resetting thermal which saves the motor by providing the protection.
  • This electric pressure washer automatically gets shut off whenever the trigger activates the total stopping system.

The handewerk pressure washer is the most versatile  electric pressure washer which comes with the powerful 13amp motor which delivers 1300PSI to 1900PSI water pressure. You can use this pressure washer to clean not only the automobiles but you can also clean your whole building, decks, and other places and transport whichever you are willing to clean. If you buy this appliance then along with the pressure washer, you will get a single PC detergent bottle. Apart from this, you will get a single brush which you can use for washing, long hose, and three nozzles.

DurableAverage performance
Self-resetting thermal
Easy set up

Sun Joe SPX3000 Pressure Joe 2030

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  • The Sun Joe SPX3000 pressure washer is equipped with the dual detergent tanks which are removable and you can store different kinds of detergent in that tank.
  • The Sun Joe pressure washer has five spray tips which you can use for intense cleaning tasks.
  • You will get the Total Stop system which has the ability to shut off the machine whenever not required.
  • This electric pressure washer offers the 2-year warranty.

The Sun Joe SPX3000 electric pressure washer is one of the powerful washers which delivers amazing performance and are the most versatile machine which can be used for your residential cleaning uses.You can use this Sun Joe SPX3000 washer to clean your home, buildings, cars, trucks, and other appliances. You will get the dual detergent tank which let you clean the tar, oil, and grease present on the car.

Dual Detergent tankWand is short
5 interchangable nozzles
Cord lock system


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  • The Force 2000 pressure washer is equipped with the Total stop system motor which lets the machine shut off whenever you released any trigger.
  • The machine comes with the onboard storage which let you store accessories.
  • The Force 2000 pressure washer is equipped with the brush motor.
  • The Force 2000 machine comes along with the thermal sensors which you can use for excessive heat protection.
  • The pressure delivered by the force 2000 pressure washer is nearby 2000PSI.

The Force 2000 pressure washer is one of the most efficient cold water electric pressure washers for your residential use. This is the high powered washer which is equipped with the TSS which automatically switch off the brush motor whenever the trigger is being used. Along with the Force 2000 pressure washer, you will get the additional accessories such as patio cleaner, nozzle. The nozzle used in the machine is adjustable nozzle and the spinning turbo nozzle. This electric pressure washer machine has the detergent tanker to deliver soapy form whenever required.

Thermal sensorsLittle expensive
Adjustable nozzle
Easy cleaning

Ivation Electric Pressure Washer

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  • The Ivation Electric Pressure washer comes with the five interchangeable nozzles which let you select the right nozzle.
  • Easy installation just requires 30 seconds of your precious time to set up the machine.
  • To save your time and effort, the machine has the superior copper connections which join the hose and the nozzle.
  • The machine is featured with the self-suction, detergent tank, and an automatic stop system for safety.

This is the ideal washer to clean your residential area, your personal car, or any other appliance which you want to clean as this pressure washer easily escape all the dust particles, junk, oil, and grease present on the body of the car. You will get three attachments using the Ivation electric washer. The machine offers the 1-year warranty on the machine. This pressure washer offers various options and features which you can use to clean your accessories and for your residential use. For easy setup, the machine comes with the quick connect hose kit.

Automatic Stop systemKnob to switch from soap to water
Easy installation
5 interchangeable nozzles

  • The AR Blue electric pressure washer is equipped with Hose reel which not only stores the water hose
  • The AR Blue Clean pressure washer has a Dialer placed at the front side to switch on and off the machine.
  • This electric pressure washer comes with the onboard storage to store all your accessories for security.

AR Blue Clean pressure washer is one of the best-valued pressure washers which comes with an affordable price and delivers comparatively good performance. This electric pressure washer is the durable and powerful machine which is very easy to use. You can store the gun holster as well as the large cord storage in its onboard storage. The machine comes with the onboard detergent tank which let you use soap easily and efficiently. The machine is also featured with the fan spray nozzle, detergent nozzle, and the pencil spray which let you use this machine for even low-intense cleaning. This is the perfect washer for your home which delivers around 1900PSI pressure.

Easy to useHose reel is not good
Attractive design
Less water wastage