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Samsung is preparing to launch it's another high-end feature S series device ” Samsung Galaxy S9 Edge”. Galaxy S9 Edge is expected to have better cameras, powerful processor, a sturdy battery which delivers superior backup, and has a stylish design. This S series smartphone is much better than the Samsung's other previous S series devices in terms of its design, memory, hardware and specifications. The Samsung Galaxy S9 Edge is still over a year away from being launched, but the excitement of the users or the customers are really eager to uncover what's going to be there for the next launch from Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy S9 the beast phone from samsung could offer high end camera with 5000mAh battery.

The rumors say that the device might be launch in the first quarter of 2018 and will be released in the second quarter of 2018. Samsung preparing to launch its other S series devices like Samsung Galaxy S8Samsung Galaxy S7 miniSamsung Galaxy S8 Edge and Samsung Galaxy X.

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Samsung Galaxy S9 Edge Design

Samsung Galaxy S9 Edge might come with metallic unibody and has smooth finishing touch makes the device an elegant one. The elegance is the same as the Samsung devices still have on its high-end models. The device is expected to have a smooth and stylish grip as compared to the previous Samsung smartphones. The device is expected to have a waterproofing body which can sustain up to 1 hour under the water. This certainly tells us about the innovation that the company is providing this upcoming Samsung Galaxy flagship smartphone.

Many reports stated that the device comes with a stylish and magnificent design and is equipped with an amazing folding technology. Galaxy S9 edge is expected to have a slim design and curvy edge shaped body with no existing bezels. At the front side, the device is dominated by its large size display with the front camera placed at the top side of Iris scanner. The back side of the Samsung Galaxy S9 Edge has the primary camera mounted in the same manner as the previous models.

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Samsung Galaxy S9 Edge

Samsung Galaxy S9 Edge Specification

Samsung Galaxy S9 Edge might come with 5.8-inches Full HD display and has a blended screen. This is the standard that the  Samsung Galaxy S-series smartphones have been following with its smartphones in this range. The screen of the device comes with a protective layer of Corning Gorilla Glass 5 which protects the device from various types of scratches and daily damages. The Corning Gorilla Glass 5 is the latest edition of the Gorilla Glass protective glasses for screens. The device comes with 4K video recording and presentation delivers magnificent picture quality. The 4K video recording feature provides the top-class video quality, which appears as if we are watching that scene in real time. The 5.8-inches display comes with a resolution of

The 4K video recording feature provides the top-class video quality, which appears as if we are watching that scene in real time. The 5.8-inches display comes with a resolution of 4096*2160 pixels providing clearer pictures and cinematic experience. The innovative technology of 4K resolution gives amazing display presentation and interactive viewing experience. This feature is definitely going to help the people who love watching their favorite shows, movies, and their desired sports on their mobile phone.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Edge is expected to be equipped with amazing cameras by which the user can capture the images of surroundings as well as captures the emotions and memorable moments using Galaxy S9 Edge's back and front cameras. Both the cameras are going to offer the same excellent camera quality that Samsung has offered up to now! It has been anticipated that this mobile phone might come with magnificent 31 MP primary camera placed at the back side of the gadget and 12 MP selfie camera placed at the front side of the gadget, you can check some of the best selfie camera phones here. The user can do video chats and video conferencing via Galaxy S9 Edge front camera. The camera comes with other features like face recognition, smile detection, eye detection, and other add-on features. The device might come with the dual rear cameras.

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The device comes with two variant storage capacity of 64GB and 128GB which comes with an extended memory option using microSD card slot. This storage capacity can be extended up to 256GB which can store a large amount of data. The device is expected to be powered by 4.5GHz Octa-Core processor with Snapdragon 830 Qualcomm chipset coupled with 6 GB RAM. Hence with such powerful processor, the user will get a high performance by which he can run lots of apps and can do many tasks simultaneously without any issues. With such a sturdy processor, the device lets you run high-end games. The user can now enjoy playing games via Galaxy S9 Edge.

The device is expected to run the latest and advanced operating system Android 7.0. Nougat which is very simple to operate and lets you run many gaming apps simultaneously. This advanced OS device supports different high-end featured apps.

For security measures, the device is expected to be equipped with a fingerprint scanner and Iris scanner which protects your data and information safely and securely. The device is expected to give an amazing 3D gaming experience.

Apart from all this, the device is powered with 6500mAh Li-Ion battery which provides excellent battery backup which let the device run for longer duration. Apart from this, the device comes with extra connectivity features like Bluetooth 5.0., 5G connectivity, GPS and HTML support.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Edge Price

Samsung Galaxy S9 Edge comes with a price range of $900 to $950 in the international market and 60,000 INR to 64,000 INR in the Indian market. This device, when released in the market, will give high competition to the other upcoming devices like HTC 11OnePlus 4Xiaomi Mi 6 and many other devices which are expected to be released in the first or second quarter of 2017, some other rumored devices like the nokia c1 and other nokia android smartphones can give tough time to samsung.

 Key Specifications
OPERATING SYSTEMAndroid 7.0. Nougat
DISPLAY SIZE5.8-inches
RESOLUTION4096*2160 px
PROCESSOR 4.5GHz Octa-Core
PRICE ESTIMATION$900 to $950, 60,000 INR to 64,000 INR