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Samsung one of the leading Smartphone brands has always looked to dominate the market by launching high featured phones that bring the use of any new innovation or technology. Do you think its the right time for launching Samsung Galaxy S8?

Each year Samsung launches couple of high featured Smartphone that are innovating and with new features which are not yet present in the market, these are categorized under the “Galaxy series”  This creates an urge in people to use the phone and thus people are curious to know about the phone and thus wait for its launch.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is expected to be released by the end of the first quarter of 2017, along with Samsung Galaxy S8 the company might launch the premium version of the phone naming it Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge.

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Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8 Design

The Samsung Galaxy S8 design is expected to be quite similar to the previous versions Galaxy 6/7, as seen from the last couple of years the company does play with the design with small variations but keep the overall design pattern of the phone same, there is no clear news about the phone design but news from different sources leaked that the phone might be foldable and be dual screen, but there is no such confirmation about this news and we personally don’t think this is going to happen as there is no such physical patent available and this information might be based only on assumptions.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Specifications

The phone specifications are one of the reasons why people are waiting for these types of phones and are willing to buy the phone no matter the price they have to pay.

Starting with the Android version, the phone will run on latest Android version available at the time of launch. The phone will run on Snapdragon Qualcomm Octa core processor, the phone will carry a 6GB RAM and will come along with two different storage versions both the 32GB variant as well the 64 GB Variant.

The screen size of the Galaxy S8 is expected to be 5.2 inches that come with 4K display and 4096*2160 px resolution that would work great with Corning Gorilla Glass.

Coming to the battery of the phone, the phone will come out with some of the best specifications which involve 4k high-resolution display, along with this there are various background apps running which will drain the battery fairly quickly, to deal with these the Samsung Galaxy S8 will come with a 4200 mAh Li-Ion battery.

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The camera quality is another reason why people usually opt for Galaxy series mobiles phones, the camera quality is expected to be higher than what you find in the Samsung Galaxy S7, the phone is expected to come up with a 30MP primary camera and with 9MP front camera with added features that would help you grab great pictures and videos.

Samsung S8 will come with dual MicroSd card slots which then will surely make sure there are no issues of moving your stuff to a PC or an external hard disk as you can keep as much of content in your MicroSd card as you want, the expandable memory is expected to a bit higher than the Samsung Galaxy S7 which is 200GB.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8 Advanced Features

There are some of the advanced new features introduced in Samsung Galaxy S8 which you might find interesting, these will surely be the base of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and thus would simply help in marketing of the phone, these include 3d display for the phone and expectations from the phone is that it will be Samsungs first phone where 3D technology will be used along with eye scanner technology. Other great features include the phone being waterproof and with wireless charging features. Wireless charging has been one of those points which Samsung is focusing on improving as it is an evergreen field which can have many new innovations.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Price & Colors

Samsung Galaxy S8 is expected to be priced higher due to various technologies used on the phone, according to the experts the price of Samsung Galaxy S8 is expected to be $850-$900. If you looking for some high specifications then do not miss out checking out Samsung C7.

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Coming to the color options that are expected to arrive may include Black Onyx and Gold Platinum as sales of these colors are quite good in number but Samsung still may opt for some other metallic colors to make the phone looks more interesting.

Though the Samsung S8 will work on Android but it may get heavy Competition from iPhone 7 which works on iOs.

 Key Specifications
OSLatest Android Version
Battery Size4200 mAh Li-Ion
Resolution4096*2160 px
Rear Camera30 MP
Front Camera9 MP
Display Size5.2 Inches
ProcessorOcta core, Qualcomm Snapdragon,
Price Estimation$850 or 51,000 INR