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Samsung one of those phone brands which have always emphasized on manufacturing high specs phones with something innovating that usually attract the people. The company focuses on meeting almost every user requirement. Each year the company comes up with few new feature phones from the “Galaxy” series which aims at adding some of the new innovations to the phones thus creating a marketing base for the phone.

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The Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge have just entered the market couple of months back and various rumors have already started about the Galaxy S8 Edge. One thing that is very clear is that the company will surely launch the Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge with Samsung Galaxy S8.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge will be one of the best android phones of 2017 and we can expect the phone to be the flagship phone for Samsung in the year 2017, the phone is expected to hit the market by the end of the second quarter of 2017.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Specifications

Starting with the screen size of the phone which is expected to be 5.3 inches which will come along a 4K ultra high definition resolution which we expect to arrive in many of high specification phones in 2017, you may be surprised by Samsung with a full metal body phone.

Coming to the hardware of the mobile phone, it is supposed to be the best in business when compared to any other branded Smartphones.  The device will run on the latest Qualcomm snapdragon processor and the equipped 6GB RAM which will make sure that the device does not lack in speed, and is pretty smooth to use.

As per the current news, we expect the phone to come along 6200 mAh battery which would ensure that the battery does not drain up with running a high number of apps running in the background & with the presence of high-resolution display.

The internal storage of the phone is expected to be sufficient enough for all the needs as the phone will be coming with multiple MicroSd card slots by which the memory can be expanded till 256GB.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Advanced Features

Samsung is expected to come up with new advanced features including eye scanner, fingerprint scanner, wireless charging, and quick charging. The phone is expected to be water-replant and will be using Iris scanning technology as well.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge

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Rumors are around that the phone will come with a Rapid Charging technology that will be capable of charging the complete phone in less than 30 minutes, the phone is expected to have clear force touch feature and the phone will be equipped with USB type c port that will ensure fast transfer of data.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Competitors

The Samsung Galaxy S8 will face strong competition with other brands high-specification flagship phones, these may include OnePlus 4, Samsung Galaxy S8, LG G6 and XIAOMI MI 6.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Color options

Samsung does provide a variety of color options which are Black, green, gold and white, these colors make the phone attractive and thus the overall looks of the phone are great.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Price

The phone is expected to be priced $900 in the International market and around 55,000 INR in the Indian market which may decrease with time as this is a common scenario with Samsung phones. This price may be a bit more than many other similar specification phones but we expect the phone to be worth the price, these prices are only estimations and thus these are not the final price of the device, we will be back soon with an update.

 Key Specifications
OSLatest Android Version
Battery Size6200 mAh Li-Ion
Rear Camera28 MP
Front Camera8.1 MP
Display5.3 Inches
Price Estimation$900 or 55,000 INR