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OnePlus one of the new Smartphone companies which have been able to make its mark in the market and had good success with all three different phones models including OnePlus One, OnePlus 2, and OnePlus 3 and the company now will like to make the same impact with OnePlus 4 as well.

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oneplus 4

All the company phones are high specification phones with the best prices among the rest of the brands, this is one of the main points why the company has got good no of sales since the launch of the first model OnePlus one.

It’s not been long since the launch of the OnePlus 3 and the device has started to rule the market due to its specifications and affordable price. Different reviews of OnePlus 3 have started coming up and the company is serious about the user reviews since the launch and has made improvements wherever possible to make sure the phone grabs the attention of the people, this time as well you can expect the company to match up with any cons of the OnePlus 3 which will help them improve their market with OnePlus 4.

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With one of the best specifications of the current time present in the OnePlus 3, it will be very interesting to know about the specifications that will be present in OnePlus 4. The company would not like to change much of the usual pattern, the layout of the phone and would love to play with only a few specifications.

OnePlus 4 is expected to be released by the middle of 2017 along with many other high end smartphones and thus it surely will be having real high competition with flagship phones from Samsung, LG, Sony and other brands as well.

OnePlus 4 Design

oneplus 4

Most of the users are satisfied with the current design of the phone and thus we don’t expect the company to make any major changes to the design, rumors in the market are that many of the high ranged smartphones will be having a foldable display but we don’t expect the OnePlus to bring any changes to same.

One of the other few changes one can expect is with the thickness of the phone, the OnePlus 3 is not so thick but still an ultra slim mobile could be in your hands in the form of OnePlus 4.

OnePlus 4 Specifications

The screen size is not expected to change and be 5.5 inches which will come along with a 4k display, as per the hardware is concerned the phone will be integrated with an 8GB RAM and will feature the latest Qualcomm snapdragon processor, the internal memory of the phone will vary with different variants including 32/64/128 GB, the phone will run on OxygenOS which is found in the previous versions of the phone.

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Other inclusions could be a dual sim slot which is almost a necessity these days, wireless charging may be introduced with increased battery size of 4200 mAh Li-Ion battery with the phone thus making the phone a perfect piece and almost the top contender for a perfect Smartphone

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The primary camera of the phone is expected to be around 24MP and the secondary camera to be 8MP both coming with flash and with added features that enhance the quality of the picture.

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OnePlus 4 Price

The price option will vary with the choice of variant picked up by you (32/64/128 GB) and the phone being of the higher specification is expected to have a little high price but one thing for sure is that the price of the device will surely be less than its competitors.

Looking at the price of OnePlus 3, the price is expected to be around $500 in the International market while the price in India is expected to be 33,999 INR this price is an estimated and the company has leaked no official news about the phone or its price till date, we will update the price of the phone soon once it is officially announced.

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OnePlus 4 Competitors

OnePlus 4 being one of the phones with high-end specifications, the phones is expected to have many big competitors which include Samsung Galaxy 7, Galaxy S7 Edge, Nexus 6 and many others including Motorola Moto Z Force which is in a similar range, if you are looking forward to something better then you ought to wait for  Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge and S8 which are expected to completely change the smartphone market with their enhanced features.

OnePlus 4 Color Options

The color options with the OnePlus 4 will be limited to the previous versions of the phones, these being the Graphite color and the other being the soft gold color, both of these are attractive colors and thus you will be satisfied with either of them, with leaked images of the device around the web you can expect few other color options as well.

 Key Specifications
Battery Size4200 mAh Li-Ion
Resolution2560 x 1440 Pixels
Rear Camera24 MP
Front Camera8 MP
Display5.5 Inches
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon
Price Estimation$500 or 33,999 INR