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LG one of the leaders in gadgets, electronics, and appliances had come up with some different powerful Smartphone since last few years, they have made a positive image in the market about their mobile phones. The company is not up in the market with a variety of Smartphone but instead come up with powerful phones. Each year the company’s flagship phone comes from “G” series and the company thinks no different this year as well and will look to make good bucks with LG G6. The company has done it in the past with its earlier releases like the LG G5 which is still on the run with some amazing smartphones in the industry. So, you can expect a lot of innovation with this new flagship phone from LG that would keep that hunt alive, which is to be the best phone on the block.

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 The company already offered great specifications with the LG G5 which was announced earlier this year and now rumors for LG G6 has started coming from different sources which make sure that the LG G6 is going to be one of the flagship phones for LG in the coming time. After integration of news from different sources, we have a got some interesting news about the phone's design, display, camera, and other hardware specifications.

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The company may release the LG G6 in the initial days of 2017 and you can expect the phone to be in the market by the starting of the second quarter of 2017.  With the competition in the phone market is real high the company would look to bring out something good to attract the customers, the company may bring a VR 360 degree device with other accessories which give the users a virtual reality experience. This inventive technology has recently come into existence with the first one being Samsung to launch it with its Galaxy range of smartphones.

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LG G6 Specifications

Starting with the display, the screen size is expected to 5.7 inches and it would come along with a 4K display with a resolution of 1440*2880, rumors are that the phone may be having a bendable display and will use corning gorilla glass. The overall specifications of the display screen are superior as compared to its predecessor the LG G5, but the bendable display functionality might just be the edge to provide this smartphone the place it deserves in the smartphone industry. The phone is going to operate by means of the latest version of Android, which is the Android Nougat.

Coming to the core hardware of the phone, the LG G6 is going to boast a 6GB RAM and expected to run on blazing fast Qualcomm processor. The internal memory of the phone is expected to be varying depending on the variant of the phone (64/128 GB) which can be expanded to 128GB with the help of dual MicroSD card. The amount of storage capacity that this mobile phone is going to provide the users will never let them run out of space for their documents, apps, pictures, videos, games, etc.

Considering the device in terms of hardware specs the device is expected to receive high competition from some of the best upcoming smartphone including the monster devices such as the Apple iPhone 8 and Samsung Galaxy S8.

One of the biggest rumors is that the company may boost the battery size of the phone which is expected to be around 3500 mAh unlike LG G5 which had a battery size of 2750 mAh, the phone is going to support quick charging, which several other smartphones are providing these days and this technology has been anticipated to charge almost 70% or more battery in just 35-40 minutes. The battery capacity is such that it is certainly going to offer a lot of battery backup for seamlessly running a plethora of applications on a single go and for a longer duration.

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The picture quality of the phone is expected to be great, the primary camera of the phone is expected to be a dual 16MP + 16MP and the secondary camera will be 12MP, both the camera will come with a LED flash thus you no longer require to carry an additional camera as the phone would help you capture high-quality pictures with the presence of other great camera features. The dual camera that this LG smartphone is providing will certainly offer superior camera quality and enhanced image capture. The front camera has a capture quality that many users might be amazed at, and it further offers a lot of incorporated selfie filters that would help you in putting on a variety of profile pictures on the social media websites that you use.

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LG G6 Price

Being one of the high configuration phones the phone is expected to have high prices around $800 in the international market and around 48,00o INR in India which can vary a bit worldwide. Looking at the phone specifications and design the phone price may not justify you, but if you are an LG fan you may be happy with the price as it is almost the same price which one has to pay for other branded high specification phones. With the amount of innovation that this flagship phone from LG is providing; this price tag can really be justified. We are certain about the fact that the LG G6 is going to create a lot of buzz as well as bucks in the mobile phone market.

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The high price of the phone will be one of those reasons that the smartphone will be receiving high competition from other high budget phones, these may include Samsung galaxy s8 edge, OnePlus 4 and others as well.

LG G6 Expectations

There are many expectations from the LG G5 but some these desired by users worldwide are:

  • A unique design is one of the factors which will surely attract more users as users may get bored with the similar kind of design which previously are being repeated from the start of the “G” series.
  • Getting to use your Smartphone without charging it much is one of the common desires of android users these days, thus a better battery is one of the major expectations of the users.
  • Most of the flagship phones from bigger brands enter the market with some or the special feature which is not present in the other phones of any brand, thus LG would require some additional specification or feature or something else to sell their phone in the market.
  • Price is another factor which the company may have to think of, LG is not much known for its Smartphones thus to make good no of sales in the market the company will have to keep a reasonable price for their phones which can be an advantage for them when users compare their phone with other brand phones.
 Key specifications
OSLatest Android Version
Battery Size2750 mAh Li-Ion Battery
Resolution4096*2160 px
Rear Camera24 MP
Front Camera7 MP
Display5.6 Inches
ProcessorQualcomm Snaprdragon 830
Price Estimation$800 or 48000 INR

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