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Post Updated (Apple launched iPhone 7 on 7 September)

One of the biggest and most awaited launches of every year is that of the Apple iPhone, no matter the place or time, the announcement of  the latest version of Apple iPhone is always a big news that hits the mobile market. From teenage students to high-profile businessman, everyone seems to be waiting for it. The launch itself is watched live by millions of people all around the world and just after few minutes of launch the new iPhone started trending on various social media platforms such as Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook.

iPhone 7

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Before the last six months apple had most of the market of premium cream customers but with the launch of Apple iPhone SE, Apple now has entered into the hearts of mid-budget customers by launching a phone with great features just like the other iPhone models compromising at one of few factors including the screen size which is lower than the size of other flagship phones which are available at same prices.

iPhone 7 Rumors

There are several rumors spread about iPhone 7 since the launch of iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus but there are several stories from different sources which tell us about the upcoming iPhone 7 which is launched on 7 September , some of these are:

  • iPhone 7 arrives without a 3.5mm audio jack, which makes the device slimmer but with news breaking out previously from different sources almost confirms that iPhone 7 still have a 3.5mm jack. Apple wants to make the device slimmer but this could only be done when the audio jack is removed
  • Just like the iPhone 6S, you find the 16 GB variant of the phone missing and it may be removed in all upcoming iPhones, added to this news from an unknown source is that the device comes up with 256 GB variant which most of the people including us don’t agree with.
  • You may not witness any home button this time with iPhone7 and if this is the case the button will be replaced with touch-sensitive area that will act like the similar kind of button which you used to find in earlier versions of iPhone, don’t be disappointed with this news as it will make the new iPhone more powerful, different and easy to use, the only thing to worry about is that the replacement of the home button could make it more sensitive and it might require extra bit of care.
  • Some of the new leaks reveal the iPhone 7 with a bigger camera size, will this matter much to the Apple fans?

iPhone 7

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iPhone 7 Release Date | Specifications | Price

Apple always gets in the news when they come up with any of their new gadgets, whether it's an iPhone or a MacBook, the launch of the new iPhone is the most awaited launch of the year in almost all parts of the world. This  launch of new iPhone has now come to an end as the gadget launched on 7 September 2k16.

Coming to specifications this device has similar specifications to that of iPhone 6/6s, the phone size  increases a bit, A10 chipset is expected in iPhone 7. Other changes include ios 10 coming into play along with a better front camera.

The price of the phone according to the current news will be $649 for 32 GB variant and $849 for 256 GB variant in an international market, while in India the Price of iPhone 7 will be around 43,000 INR for 32 GB variant and 56,000 INR for 256 GB variant which may move down with time.

Overall This iPhone 7 is a  better iPhone which is more user-friendly, faster than previous versions and bit lighter, you have to spend some good extra bucks for the iPhone 7 but every single buck you spend will be worth the quality of the phone.

 Key Specifications
OSiOS 10
Battery Size2100 mAh Li-Po
Resolution1334*750 px
Rear Camera12 MP
Front Camera7 MP
Display Size4.7 Inches
Processor & ChipsetA10
Price Estimation$649 or 43,000 INR, $849 or 56,000 INR