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Post Updated (No new updates  about HTC 11 yet from the officials! HTC 12 Rumored)

HTC one of the biggest smartphone manufacturers in the world could be out with HTC 11 which should probably be the best phone of 2017, the company in recent time has made good success with the various phones in different budgets and will look to completely destroy other Android smartphone brands by launching a phone with probably the best specifications.

The company is expected to come up with HTC Desire 10 the mini variant of HTC 10 which might prove to be a profitable move for the company by capturing mid-budget customers as well.

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Some may call it the successor of the HTC 10 but we are sure it will be the flagship for HTC in 2017, HTC has been one of those companies which have never been fond of launching many new smartphones but when it does launch that is a gem! One thing  that strikes the mind of Android smartphones users is that what next to expect? Where is the smartphone industry heading towards?  These many are some of the questions which might not be directly answerable but we are pretty sure that year by year Android users are rewarded with some great smartphones which have some amazing specifications and in 2017 you can expect the same.

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HTC 11 Release Date

The HTC 11 is expected to be released by the end of second quarter of 2017 worldwide and should be then made available to the users in a couple of months both online and offline.

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HTC 11 Rumors & Specifications

There is no official update about the phone by the company till now and thus you can expect every news to be a rumor till date.

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  • 5.5 Inches Display : The phone is expected to come up with 5.5 Inches display screen which is bigger than the HTC 10 but a 5.5-inch display is now becoming an industry standard and we expect the same with HTC 11 as well. Anything bigger than 5.5 Inches would surely be more than the size of a normal smartphone and there should be some difference between a phone and a phablet.
  • Better Camera: The HTC 11 is expected to come with a better camera than what you witnessed with HTC 10, a 15 MP or more camera is on the cards, some better changes in video recording are too expected with the HTC 11.

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  • Innovative Design: It has been quite a few years we have been witnessing a similar phone design it may be HTC , Samsung or any other. We are expecting the company to come up with some innovative changes that would make the design of the phone look better and unique.
  • New Accessories:  New accessories like VR headset or wireless headphones can be introduced by the company to make the overall look of the phone interesting and grab some good amount of users.

Other than this a 3500 mAh Battery size , Qualcomm snapdragon 830 processor and 8 GB RAM could be on the cards with HTC 11 which is a bit similar to the specs of the rumored LeEco Le 2S.

HTC 11 Price

The  price of HTC 11 is expected to be around $900 in the International market while the price of the device in India is expected to be 55,000 INR.

When comparing the phone with other phone devices price, you will find HTC devices to be way higher than that of other mobiles, this is thus one area which HTC can surprise users by giving a little compensation on the prices of the device.

HTC 11 Competitors

Many new smartphones are expected to come by 2017, thus HTC 11 is expected to receive good competition from Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge,  LG G6, OnePlus 4 and many other which you can check out here.

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