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Apple iPhone 8 would be released on the 10th anniversary of Apple iPhone. After the rumors of Apple iPhone 7 and Apple iPhone 7 Plus now Apple iPhone 8 has covered the digital media with its unbelievable features. Apple always focusses in making best products across the globe in addition to the Apple iPad 3 , Apple watch2 etc, these devices provides you better camera quality with  high-end security and also easy operability which comprises of stylish look & body and last but not the least it would be available for multiple storage options.

As above-mentioned functionalities of the Apple, we can easily come to the conclusion that Apple is a benchmark in smartphone’s market.In this regard, now we expect a new bulletin that can be said as Apple’s iPhone 8 ,which  is supposed to bang on the 10th anniversary of Apple iPhone somewhere in the middle of last 2017 and early 2018. As we already know that Apple iPhone 6 and 6s were great hits in the market as compared to the Apple’s previous Sales, Apple's iPhone 8 would bang on with much higher sales .

Apple iPhone 8 would be a package of some fascinating features as it will arrive at the 10-year completion anniversary of Apple iPhone.

Apple i phone 8 edge to edge display

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Apple iPhone 8 Display

Apple iPhone 8 is expected to come up in three variants as the premium model, the S, and the normal smartphone and it would also have an end to end display which covers it's both edges so that you could experience a large and clear vision of images and per the rumors Apple is transmitting to OLED display from LCD in 2017 as OLED display provide more bright color options and color contrast also with dark color gains more depth . Some other smartphones are already available with this feature like Nubia z11 with 5.5 display  but this feature has not associated with Apple as of now so we could only expect it in the future, but it would surely be an add-on if it associated with Apple and it will increase the sales of Apple smartphones.

The screen size of the smartphone might be around 4.7-5.3 ‘inches display for Apple iPhone 8 and 5.5' inches for Apple iPhone 8 plus while the third model would have slight cuts at the corner as in Samsung's Note 7  and Galaxy s8 edge.

iPhone-8-large display


Apple iPhone 8 Design

There are many references in the air regarding the design of Apple iPhone 8 but the main point that we have known so far is that Apple is prepared to get rid of it aluminum backed body and it will get back to Apple's iPhone 5 glass body backed casing. Gorilla Glass has many advancements in this particular glass technology, however, it is expected to be heavier and fragile when it has a Glass backed, so let's wait to see how Apple would get a solution for this specific weight problem arises in the case of using Glass backed.

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Apple iPhone 8 :Speed device

it is expected to have a touch sensitive unlock button which will be used in place of bezel at both ends of the smartphones. It may also have the fastest running Apple iPhone consisting of a 10-naometer A11 processor  which will provide you fastest and smooth running applications with fast response time as its upgraded processor provide it multitasking functionality.

Wireless Charging option

It would also provide you a wireless charging option with a longer coverage area if this feature is included in the upcoming Apple's iPhone making then it will be a great news for iPhone lovers as they are more concern for the battery drainage problem and they are tired to stick with the hanging charger at the particular will be included for the very first time in Apple's smartphone history and it would  also be introduced the Touch ID fingerprint sensor which allows for the removal of the home button that physically exists on the smartphone.

Inside Apple iPhone 8

As like Samsung is doing right now for its upcoming devices Apple is also rumored to have an iris scanner , for Samsung also eyeball scanning is a new feature and is also expected in Samsung galaxy s8. smartphone companies are doing many advancements in this field by introducing new features in the smartphones .

Apple iPhone 8 Specifications

Apple iPhone 8 would replace the earlier display technology of Apple iPhone with OLED display which gives you better viewing angles with extra bright colors.As far as the screen security is concerned it would come up with a Sapphire glass protection which seems to be strong and so may be called an unbreakable  material which will provide security against scratches and dust particles around.

The Large display screen is trending nowadays so to be in the league Apple is also preparing to show up with a display size of 5.3 inches which provides you a clear vision of videos and images 5.3 inches which provide you a clear vision of videos and images, which is said to be a handy and accessible device.

Apple has a better camera quality as compared to many smartphones as Apple's 8MP camera is far better than that of others 16MP camera, and now it would bang on the league with a 16MP of primary camera and 8MP of secondary camera. you can compare this camera quality with some best quality camera smartphones available in the market.

Moving towards the processor, Apple always concerns to have an advanced processor with its every launched smartphone so this time, also it is expected from Apple to bring an advanced 10-nanometer A11 processor,  with the combination of an upgraded  4 GB RAM as to give you smooth running multitasking functionality. Some more features are also expected to fascinate you like Retina Eye Scanner,5G Technology, Fingerprint Scanner ,Fast charging,  Holographic display, and like all other smartphones it would also come up with different storage options of 64, 128 & 256 GB Storage. Apple iPhone 8 might come up with few of these upgraded features as compared to Apple iPhone 7 ,it is expected to land up with a price of Approx 70000 INR  in the Indian market and 1100 USD in the international market. The Expected release date is between last 2017 and early 2018.

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These are only expectations based on rumors, it may be possible that it would turn up as a totally different device.

 Key Specifications
Operating SystemiOS 11, upgradable to iOS 11.3.2
Display5.3 inches
Resolution4096 × 2160 pixel
Primary Camera16MP
Secondary Camera8MP
Price Estimation70000 INR / 1100 USD