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Apple one of the biggest brands in the world has launched  Apple iPhone 7 & Apple iPhone 7 , yesterday . Every year apple brings out 3-4 new iPhone models that rule the market but with the launch of the iPhone SE earlier this year you may only see two different devices.

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Apple has come up with iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus/Pro/S, another very interesting thing that is said in the announcement is that you will not see the 16GB and 64GB variant in any of the phones which is a heartbreaking to customers with lower budgets as the 32GB and above variants are obviously avaialable with high price, with 32 GB model missing in some of the previous models, it will be interesting to see the customers reactions with this announcement that iPhone will have only 32/128/256 GB variants available.

iphone 7 plus

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Many other rumors and news have been in the market that you might see some of these changes, lets check it out!!

  • Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone S/Pro/Plus may not carry a 3.5mm jack which is simply because Apple wants to make the device slimmer and it’s only possible when this audio jack is removed from the phone,this is true and now Apple with iPhone 7 and 7 plus will bring Lightning EarPods which also have Lightning to mini-port adapter
  • Apple iPhone 7 Plus may be missing the home button which will now be replaced by touch sensitive area that will perform similar functions that the typical home button does, this touch sensitive pad will be integrated into the screen which would give a better user experience but the only concern is that the replacement of the home button with touch sensitive area would make the phone more delicate and thus the phone would require more care,This is also true Phone will not carry a physical button but it will have a key with haptic feedback.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus Display

iPhone 7 Plus or Pro would surely be the additional phone which will be launched with iPhone 7 and thus  you will have it with a bigger screen size than iPhone 7, the phone has come up with  5.5 inches, with 1920 * 1080 px resolution at 401 ppi display which is amazing to use but would drain the battery more quickly. The screen size of 5.5 inches is one of those reasons which may make people prefer iPhone 7 over iPhone 7 Plus as carrying this big screen size phone can be an issue for many people.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus Battery

Charging your phones battery is one of those things which no one likes to do, especially when you have an iPhone you will always be complaining about the battery drying up quickly than expected. With the iPhone 7 Plus, you will have A10 Fusion processor which gives the iPhone 7 Plus, the long lasting battery life that will last more longer than iPhone 6s plus , atleast an hour more.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus

Apple iPhone 7S other specifications

iPhone 7 Plus has an iOS 10 which will attract more users by being more compatible than iOS 9 and bringing extra features to iPhone like rich lock screen notifications, the iPhone 7 Pro will work on Apple A10 chipset added with 2 GB RAM.

The iPhone has a thickness of 158.2 * 77.9 * 7.3 mm (6.23 * 3.07 * 0.29 in) and weight of 188 grams, Using this slim size device with added features like 3D touch and display zoom and Water and Dust resistance, is going to create a really great user experience which would simply attract more people.

iPhone 7 Plus will have a primary 12 MP camera with dual lens set up, where one lens has f/1.8 aperture and other has f/2.8 aperture, it has a telephoto lens which is used to have 2x optical zoom, it also has a background blur feature along with other features and it has 7MP front camera which thus can be used for capturing high-quality selfies.

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Apple iPhone 7 Plus Price

The price for iPhone 7 Plus is expected to be around $900 & above in the international market and around 52,000 INR in India which then would depend on the different variants available for the phone, the phone has launched with 32GB/ 128GB and 256 GB variants, the drop of the 16GB  and 64 GB variant has now confirmed.

Similar color options that came with iPhone 6/6s are expected to be available with iPhone 7 Plus and after announcement it is confirmed that it will have silver, gold and rose gold , Black and Jet Black color  this time with other options.

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Overall  the phone is  quite slim, lightweight and smooth, and launched to have a better user experience, with features like 3D touch and display zoom which makes the phone a perfect showpiece.

 Key Specifications
Operating SystemiOS 10
Battery Size2750 mAh Li-Po (Non Removable)
Resolution1920*1080 px
Rear Camera12 MP
Front Camera7 MP
Display5.5 Inches
ProcessorA10 Chipset
Price Estimation$769 or 51,000 INR