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Want to keep your garden green and clean then select one Hedge trimmer from the list. We have the list of best hedge trimmers so that the whole process will be noise and pollution free. You can keep your garden hedges tidy and beautiful with these hedge trimmers. Some of the products like Black & decker HH2455 , GreenWorks electric Hedge cutter  and Toro 51490  has topped the list because of its amazing features.

4 Best Electric Hedge Trimmers 

 Blade size(inches)Motor Power (amp)Buy Now
Black & Decker HH2455243.3amazon-button
GreenWorks 22122224amazon-button
Toro 51490224amazon-button
Earthwise CVPH41018182.8amazon-button

Black & Decker HH2455

If you are looking for something that helps you maintaining the hedges clean and trim then the Black & Decker HH2455 Hedge trimmer is best for the purpose. With the 24 inches long blades, it would be easy to reach and trim the hedges of the garden. A lightweight Trimmer is comfortable and easy to use .With the rotating rear handle, you can easily cut through the vertical and horizontal edges.With the powerful motor, you can do the tasks in a quick manner and with faster speed. The extension will be stay plugged with the built-in cord and provide you uninterrupted working . You will stay safe with another feature of Lock-off and Lock-on switches that ensures the safety of accidental use of the Electric hedge trimmer.

 Hedge trimmer
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  • Dual action blade of 24 inches
  • Comparitively 40% less vibration
  • Can manage  the branches with 0.75 thickness
  • Light in weight and comfortable
  • Rear handle can rotate up to 180 degree
  • Lock on and off switches to prevent accidental start

Large BladeLittle noisy
Light weight

GreenWorks 22122 

GreenWorks electric hedge trimmer has a 22-Inch dual action blade that helps in reaching and trimming the long edged,with the 4 amp Rotating handle hedge it would be easy to trim the hedge with comfort. Comparatively less vibration you will feel with this GreenWorks 22122 hedge trimmer. It has front hand guard for the safety of the operator.A lightweight hedge trimmer easy to work with and  comes with an integrated cord lock that helps you stay connected for uninterrupted work. 3 sided wrap around handle makes it easy to cut the hedges.

greenworks hedge trimmer
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  • Powerful motor of 4 amp does the job effectively
  • Dual action blade of 22-inch will reach through the long edges
  • With the cutting capacity of 5/8 inches, it will give you controlled and comfortable operation
  • With the innovative and rotating handle, it would be easy to trim in different angles
  • Includes a cord lock for the safety from accidental usage

Powerful MotorSometimes trigger will not work properly
Lightweight trimmer
Comfortable to use

Toro 51490

With the Toro's powerful motor of 4 amp, it would be easy to do the job efficiently in a faster way.Stylish and user-friendly design helps to get the better results. It's a durable corded hedge trimmer  that works comfortably with reduced arm and hand fatigue. It has 22-inch dual action blade to reach the distance with the hedge trimmer and turned your garden into a well shaped neat and trimmed garden.

Toro 51490
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  • Toro's Corded hedge trimmer comes with a powerful 4 amp motor  
  • Includes a 22-inch-long cutting bar blades with the hardened steel blades
  • Can be used to cut the branches with the thickness up to 9/16-inch 
  • Reduced vibration with the Dual-action blades
  • Cord lock system for the safety of the operator
  • It comes with a 2-year warranty

Good performancePlastic parts
Easy to use

Earthwise CVPH41018

This Earthwise Hedge trimmer is actually two different tools in one. It is a convertible trimmer as one tool is used for the trimming of taller plants and shrubs and the second tool is used to trim the edges with the 18 inches blades and you can do the conversion with a single click of a button. Rotating hand has 150-degree rotation that can rotate and trim the hedges with six different positions for easy trimming and reachability of the hedges.

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  • Convertible tool as hedge trimmer and a pole hedge trimmer
  • Includes a blade of 18 inches that can trim the hedges of thickness 3/4″
  • Rotating hand with 150-degree rotation and 6 different positions for the same
  • Light weight product to use with ease
  • With the convertible tool, it solves your trimming problem completely
  • It has aluminum blades for the trimming

DurabilityComparatively Heavy
Trims wellDifficult to use
High quality

Best Recommendations

Black & Decker HH2455

Our first recommended product on the list is Black & Decker Hedge trimmer which is a popular product and consumers are quite satisfied with the product as it has 180-degree rotating handle with 24 inches blade.

Toro 51490

Second recommended product in the list is the Toro hedge trimmer as it has a powerful motor of 4 amp that helps you does the job in a faster way with ease. it is also an affordable product as it will cost you comparatively less than some other products of the list.