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If you are searching for some of the good options for Cordless hedge trimmers then you can select one from the list that we have with us. The Cordless Hedge trimmers will give you better results with the instant start-up , Mobility, and comfort features.

Top 11 best Cordless Hedge trimmer

  Blade size(inches)Battery power (Volt)Best buy
Ryobi One+ 1818amazon-button
Toro 514962424amazon-button
DEWALT DCHT860M12240amazon-button
Scotts S20610 SYNC2020amazon-button
VonHaus 20V Max2456amazon-button
EGO Power+ 2218amazon-button
Makita XHU02Z 1820amazon-button
GreenWorks 222322224amazon-button
Craftsman C32219.2amazon-button

Ryobi One+ 18 in. 18 Volt Cordless Hedge Trimmer 

Ryobi is one of the smart picks as it is easy to operate and provide you long-lasting usage with the ONE + battery. With the wrap around the handle, it will give you comfort while using the trimmer. This Ryobi trimmer will work effectively with any of the Ryobi batteries. Sharp blades can trim the hedges with the thickness of 3/8 inches. It includes a blade size of 18 inches that allows you to reach the longer bushes of the garden.

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  • Ryobi hedge trimmer can be used with the Ryobi batteries
  • It would be easy to reach the longer bushes with the 18 inches blade size
  • Smoothly cut through the hedges with the thickness of 3/8 inches
  • Handle with the wrap around comfort is easy to use and operate.

PowerfulNo trigger lock
Easy to operate

Toro 51496

This is the durable and powerful trimmer from Toro. With the high performing features, it would be good for you and produce better results while trimming the hedges of your garden. The rotating handle will give you the flexibility to work with the trimmer and it will rotate with 90 degrees. It also ensures a longer battery life with the powerful 24 -Volt Lithium-ion battery.You will get your device ready for one hour of charging.

 Toro 51496
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  • Dual action blades with the 24 inches are capable of cutting the hedges smoothly
  • 24 Volt cordless trimmer is powerful enough for faster working
  • Can be easily used to cut through the edges with the thickness of 5/8 inch
  • With the rotating handle which turns 90 degrees for vertical trimming
  • Comes with a two years of warranty

Easy to useSuitable for smaller lawns
LightweightNot good for thicker branches
No gas required


The DEWALT  cordless trimmer can cut through the hardest overgrown bushes of the garden. You will get a precise and professional cut with the  rating of 3100 strokes per minute and with the laser cut blades you will get a clean finish with the trimmer. A powerful motor ensures long lasting durability with the product. With the Lithium-Ion battery of 40 Volt it also has an indicator to let yo know the remaining time with te cordless trimmer. You will get 80 minutes of working power with a single charge of 4.0 AH battery and similarly if you go for 6.0 AH battery then you will get 120 minutes of duration to work continuously.

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  • It comes with the shock-resistant feature for the protection purpose
  • Has a 40 Volt MAX lithium-ion battery along with a charge indicator
  • Dual action blades with laser cut of  22″inch
  • Cut through the branches with 3/4″inch thickness

Less vibrationsComparatively heavy
Easy to operate

Scotts S20610 SYNC

This Scotts trimmer is another good option for you as it has an innovative charger that allows the battery to charge on the tool rather than the traditional charger. It also has an additional feature that its wall mounted charger also acts as a hanger for the tool. Stay organized and tidy with this Scott's hedge trimmer. Keep your garden clean and smooth with the hedge trimmer and its 20 inches blades will give you smooth finish wit the longer bushes edge.

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  •  Dual action blades of 18 inches will provide smooth finish to the bushes edge
  •  Lithium-Ion battery of 20 V to charge your trimmer
  • Wrap around handle with the trimmer for comfort while using
  • Includes an Innovative charging station

Cuts wellShort battery life
Easy to use
Rotating handle

VonHaus 20V Max. Li-Ion Cordless Hedge Trimmer

With the VonHaus Hedge trimmer, you can easily make your garden clean and tidy. It has 20 V battery power That allows you to use the hedge trimmer for  30 minutes at a single charge. It will provide you a faster and less vibrating cutting with the dual action blades of 20 inches. Now it is easier with the VonHaus trimmer to reach the longer hedges with the trimmer this time. It is comfortable to operate longer with the rubber handle of the trimmer. Includes two safety triggers with the trimmer for accidental reasons.

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  • Stay safe with the safety triggers of the trimmer
  • 20 inches dual action blades to cut smoothly the longer bushes
  • use for 30 minutes with a single charge
  • charge fully in one hour with the quick charge technique

Quick chargingLimited use
Easy to operateShort blade life
Good battery life

EGO Power+

EGO Power + includes a weather resistant feature to give you long lasting life with the trimmer. with the 24 inches, dual action blades it cuts through the edges precisely and nicely and will give a professional look to the garden. It includes a hardened blade with 3000 Strokes per minute to offer a clean trim throughout the hedge. With the strong blades, you can cut branches up to the thickness of 3/4 inches.

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  • EGO power+ has weather resistant feature
  • Cut through 3/4 thickness branches
  • Improved control with the Electronic blades
  • Dual action blade of 24 inches gives clear finish to the edges


Makita XHU02Z

The Makita hedge trimmer is the next in the list , it has 22 inches of Blade size that will allow the trimming of long bushes of the garden. It is convenient to use and produces less vibration while using it. It will provide you a smooth cutting of the hedges with the sharpen blades and gives your garden a professional look. Includes a quick charge time with the trimmer so it will be charged fully in comparatively short time duration.

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  • Minimized vibration because of the anti-vibration design of the trimmer
  • Long blade size 22 inches allows cutting of longer bushes easily
  • Great cutting speed about 1350 SPM with the powerful motor of Makita
  • Battery status indicator to let you know the status of the battery.
  • Comparatively, lower noise level for the comfort of the operator.

Easy to operateComparatively heavy
Good battery

WORX 32V MaxLithium 20-Inch Cordless Hedge Trimmer

The WORX 32V Maxlithium is a reasonably priced cordless hedge trimmer that creates an excellent pick for your money. Having a 20-inch blade made out of steel, this WORX cordless hedge trimmer possesses the capability to shred through the branches that are nearly 2cm in thickness. The twin-action blade arrangement diminishes the vibration so as to offer its users with an even more secure grip. Through an exclusive front handle design, the act of trimming has never ever been simpler from a variety of angles, most particularly the angle you require to fetch in the way you want to. Having a supple grip handle, the grip discomfort is decreased so that the users are able to operate it for longer periods of time and furthermore capably. Comprising of a 32-volt MaxLithium battery, the Worx Cordless Hedge Trimmer is all set to generate top quality work for larger spans of time. With the weight of 8.2 pounds, this hedge trimmer offers a class mobility in the marketplace of supreme hedge trimmers. Having a transparent hand protector, it is successful in combining protection and visibility at the uppermost efficiency probable.

best cordless hedge trimmer
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  • It has a 20-inch hardened steel blade for hard-to-reach regions and heavy cutting ability.
  • The unit comprises of dual-action blades that are able to provide smooth operation.
  • This cordless hedge trimmer is inventive and has a completely-wrap front handle.
  • The handle offers you the capability to shred at every angle or position.
  • It has a high-capacity 32V MaxLithium battery, which caters more run-time.
  • This hedge trimmer is really light in weight and compact as well.
Hardened steel bladeNo blade protection

GreenWorks 22232 22-Inch Cordless Hedge Trimmer

The GreenWorks provides the quality G-24 systems for adaptable task ranging from indoor to outdoor for the entire range of essential tasks such as the DIYs. On the whole, it comprises of a tool for each kind of work that varies from a chainsaw, trimming, to saw. The overall unit not just offers this, but moreover, it possesses the 22-inch hedge trimmer to perform a perfect act of trimming. The GreenWorks 22232 further provides a 24-Volt Lithium-Ion battery. This cordless hedge trimmer is well-matched with other units of the same brand. It also has a useful electric start and the hedge trimmer generates comparatively less noise as well as vibration. The construction is such that it is capable of performing while having 20% more power. A lot of users have found that its battery run-time is really dependable while you are trimming on a solitary charge. In addition, it just takes relatively quite less time to charge fully. Additionally, the shredding capacity is ideal for hedges to be sufficiently shaped for a trimmer such as the GreenWorks 22232 model.

hedge trimmer reviews 2017
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  • This cordless hedge trimmer has been powered by a 24-Volt Li-Ion battery.
  • The unit comprises of an innovative 180-degree rotary back handle to cater easy shredding.
  • It provides a powerful 22-Inch twin-action blade made out of steel for offering the best performance.
  •  The unit also includes an aluminum rail cover for protected storage as well as carrying.
  • Its 5/8-Inch cutting capability goes through all the bushes as well as hedges showcasing superiority.
Powerful Li-Ion batteryA touch low on voltage
180-degree rotary rear handle
Aluminum rail cover

BLACK+DECKER LHT2436 40V Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Owing to the reputation of Black & Decker home tools you might by now have a thought about the class of their tools. These tools are trendsetters in the market of power equipment industry so you don’t go while making a choice among their top products. This cordless hedge trimmer from Black & Decker is a long 24-inch unit having a dual-action blade, which is certain to satisfy. Its remarkable 40-volt Li-Ion battery provides big run-time and charges pretty rapidly, providing you the capability to shred near about 6,000 square feet with every single charge. As it has the capacity of offering a lot of cutting time ease has moreover been thought of and it comprises of an ergonomic intend, which provides comfortable grip handles to aid in keeping your arms as well as hands comfortable all throughout. Having all these utilities and the competing products you might be guaranteed this unit is one difficult to beat as far as power, features, run-time and aptness for the job is concerned.

cordless hedge trimmer reviews
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  • This unit comprises of a strong 40-volt Li-ion rechargeable battery.
  • The battery provides it the power together with extended run-time.
  • This cordless hedge trimmer comprises of a 24-inch twin-action blade for decreasing vibration.
  • The cutting blade rapidly shreds branches near about 0.75-inch in thickness.
  • It has a complete wrap-around front lever, which offers a comfortable grip.
  • This hedge trimmer has the ability to trim nearly 6000 square feet of hedges in a single charge.
High on power 40V batteryThe charge doesn't stay for long
24-inch dual-action blade
Comfortable handling

Craftsman C3 19.2-Volt Cordless Hedge Trimmer

The Craftsman C3 Hedge Trimmer is one forceful element from the Craftsman tools range for lawn and garden, which offers a 22-inch toughened steel twin-action blades and near about a 0.5-inch cutting ability.  This arrangement offers it the length, power, and a clean cutting capacity that has been cherished by enthusiastic homeowners.  The battery-driven C3 Hedge Trimmer has an ergonomically designed handle and trigger hold, as well as, a curved wrap-around front hold and its guard. The further utilities count a battery charger having a charging indicator and a trigger lock. While being utilized through a 19.2-volt DieHard Nickel-Cadmium battery, this cordless hedge trimmer has just about half an hour of run-time, and in case it is used through a 19.2-volt DieHard Li-Ion battery, the runtime might be enhanced by nearly 20 percent.

hedge trimmer reviews
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  • The Craftsman C3 19.2V battery-driven hedge trimmer makes use of both Li-Ion & Ni-Cd batteries.
  • This hedge trimmer has the capability to cut branches near about 9/16-inch in thickness.
  • The dual-blade structure diminishes the vibrations.
  •  It also gets rid of the requirement to twist and turn the trimmer.
  • This hedge trimmer is cordless so it's simple to maneuver and free from cord hassles.
Easy to operateMotor sometimes makes noise
Dual-blade design

Top Recommendation

VonHaus 20V Max

The first recommended product in the list is the VonHaus cordless hedge trimmer as it has 20 inches blade size for the smooth cutting of the long bushes. It will give you perfect finished garden with the VonHaus cordless hedge trimmer.

WORX 32V MaxLithium 20-Inch Cordless Hedge Trimmer

The second cordless hedge trimmer that we are going to suggest is the unit from Worx. This cordless hedge trimmer has all the utilities that one wants to have in their hedge trimmer. There is nothing that any person could point out as a flaw in the Worx 32V MaxLithium Cordless Hedge Trimmer.