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The next generation of the Apple Retina MacBook Pro is coming.

Apple is seemingly phasing out the old MacBook Pro of 13-inch with no Retina Display from its shops, over the US. It is most probably preparing the ground for the refreshed model to hit shelves later this year.

The range of the Apple’s MacBook Pro hasn't been updated yet. In March 2015, the 13-inch MacBook Pro with retina was refreshed and the 15-inch was refreshed on May 2015. New MacBook Pros are clearly at hand. The biggest change in this upcoming pro is probably to be in the processors, while there are some rumours coming out that the new Pro will come with the detachable touch screens.

So, Let us check all the rumors and sort them out carefully, what can we actually expect from the new MacBook Refresh which is getting refreshed this year?

Some major questions are present here with this news. What is it? When is it out? And What will it cost? MacBook Pro 2016 is the upcoming  generation of the professional notebooks of Apple. It will be out most probably in Q4 2016. The expected cost is likely to be $1,264.


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Apple MacBook Pro 2016 Release date

It is expected to be in the markets in the month of June at the annual developer event of Apple, WWDC. However, as per the previous reports, the conference of this year focused primarily on introducing the updates in the software rather than in hardware. So, even if the new MacBook Pro is in works, it has taken  secondary to the amendments in iOS and OSX.

As per the report by DigiTimes, Apple is about to release new 13-inch and 15-inch MacBooks in the second half of the year 2016. It’s just a guess that these new Pros will feature hinges that will be produced using a mechanism known as ‘Metal Injection Molding’.

The flexible joints are probably being manufactured by Amphenol. The hinges for a convertible tablet of Microsoft are also made up of Amphenol.

Also, the reports suggested  that there will be one more exciting feature of a quadruplet of USB-C ports in the new Slim MacBooks. The 2016 MacBook Pros may even arrive with the variations in colors including Space Gray, Gold and Rose Gold.

Apple MacBook Pro 2016 Price

The range of 13-inch MacBook Pro without Retina starts at $1,099. And it rising to $1,119 for the entry-level  13-inch Retina MacBook Pro and transcending out at $2,099 for the 2.5Hz 5-inch Retina MacBook Pro. It seems that Apple is keeping the similar prices in the new generation as they were in the previous generations. Most probably, the 899 entry level Pro will be the one with the lowest range.

Apple MacBook Pro 2016: more Productive, Fitter, Happier

It is faster and better, and the battery is almost certain. What about the modification in the design? The current MacBook Pro is fairly porky as compared to other notebook models of Apple, especially the minimalist USB-C MacBook. That's partly because it's designed is older and the current MacBook Pro has lots of ports: Twin Thunderbolt 2 and USB 3, an SDXC card slot and an HDMI socket.

Apple is not sentimental about removing the must-have features it views as surplus – the MacBook Pro lost its SuperDrive years ago – so could it be possible to have one or two USB-C ports?

Since Intel has combined the USB-C  and Thunderbolt 3 to deliver USB, Display Port, Thunderbolt,  PCI Express and  power in a unit connection. The new MacBook Pro 2016 will be nothing less than an iPad if it doesn’t have at least one USB-C port. The most interesting thing to know over the existing connectivity is the thinness in the prices  of Apple.

Apple Macbook pro 2016

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Apple MacBook Pro 2016: Detachable Keyboard and Screen?

One of the most concerning rumours about this new generation MacBook Pro is its Touch Screen feature. Also, a rumour  of a Detachable Keyboard is coming out.

The one and the only reason behind all these reasons is iPad Pro. Apple is already having a device with a touch screen and detachable keyboard, and it is not  a MacBook. Unfortunately, there is one more reason for our distrust and that is MacOS. The interface for MacOS Sierra is not maximised for touch. This is because the company likes to keep its operating systems refined for their respective audiences.

While a patent filed by Apple advises an iPad-like interface in favour of the physical keyboards we have all grown habituated to, some photographs that are lately taken on by Cult of Mac show something a little different; a Magic Keyboard that is more conventional- Esque qwerty layout featuring an OLED display with a touch bar to replace the function keys.

Although this rumour seems awfully implausible for the annual revision of the MacBook Pro, according to French website, there is apparently some truth behind it. According to this website,  MacGeneration via 9to5Mac who discovered the code indirectly alluding to the  virtualised buttons of OLED bar.