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So when we are talking for Gaming Consoles the names that strike in the mind is Xbox One and Play Station 4. so now we have two options with us out of number of newer and older versions , let's talk about Xbox One and Play Station 4, next question that is coming on the way is which one is better and why? so as to satisfy you with the answer to that particular question here we are.we will try to cover more aspects just as you needed. First, we will take Xbox One.

Xbox One

Gaming Console


Xbox One may seem familiar to you but this is the product for which Microsoft is busy working since many years when its earlier version Xbox 360 was upgrading Microsoft is parallelly developing the  Xbox One. It may have the similar elements and concepts but the strong Foundation of Gaming Console device is itself the blooming point that was built on the Xbox One. Even before the release of the product, Microsoft had started working with the messaging platform of the console , first, it would have a Heavy console that will rely on DRM and now users will experience a new phenomenon so that they can trade in which allows them to play used games.

Actually Xbox One will have much more interesting features like Firmware's functionality which will give you comfort and ease of using experiences with the increased performance of it.Xbox One is really a big device with the dimensions of 274 * 79 * 333 mm, so definitely it will be bigger , longer and taller than that of Xbox 360 and Play Station 4, It is an all black device consisting a black plastic body to the black plastic ridges as well, it looks huge as it comes to its design.

At the back side of the device, you will find a number of ports as it has all the nodes like for ethernet , power, HDMI Out, dual USB ports , IR out and  S/PDIF which is used for optical audio with the two additional ports for HDMI-in and for Kinect, through which you can connect the Xbox One and TV signal from a set-top box.

It is very quite and doesn't produce noise and a cool device which is also equipped with Blu-ray drive so that you can install all your games in the partnered 500 GB internal hard drive, as a single game can occupy up to 50 GB. So you have a lot of space to store the games and will not  need any external device.

Play Station 4

PS 4 gaming console


Play Station 4 can be said as a future of gaming console as its 40 million approx models are already sold and that too without any complaint of slowing down, it has evolved as a great success for Sony financially and majorly.

Play Station 4 features

Play Station 4 offers an HDR gaming through the software patch , it also has an updated redesigned controller to give you pleasure playing with and it is almost 40% slimmer than the earlier original PS4. Play station 4 is available in the market with the cost of around £259 with two variants of 500 GB memory size and 1TB memory size.Play Station 4 has HDMI cable , a USB charging cable, A dual Shock 4 wireless controller , and an ear bud for game chat  option.

Play Station 4 has a new design as its vertical power and eject buttons had replaced by a small button which is at the lower half of the console.It still has its angled design as of earlier models but this time, it is much smaller and thinner as compared to them.Now it has one USB 3.0 port to the right and another USB 3.0 port is on the disc tray of the device.

Xbox One Vs Play Station 4

  • Xbox One will cost you around $499 or 34000 INR whereas Play station 4 will cost you around $399 or 28000 INR
  • Xbox has a  Kinect sensor for motion control and PS4 has an optional camera, while designs are similar for both the devices.
  • When it comes to hardware Ps4 is more strong and powerful as compared to Xbox One.
  • PS4 runs the games at higher resolution than that of Xbox One
  • PS4 can also stand vertical but Xbox One can not.
  • PS4 has 9.2 pounds of weight while Xbox One has 13.2 pounds of weight.
  • PS4 has no IR support while Xbox One has an IR remote support.
  • Ps4 has no restrictions on game sharing and used game policy while Xbox one has some limitations for that

We have mentioned the differences between the two gaming consoles, but yes one thing is there that both the gaming console needs an update so as to include some more advanced features to support the future gaming world. The gaming world is more innovative and interesting as new games are more interactive filled with amazing features and with the constantly changing world of digital era we can only imagine that advanced and more interactive gaming world.