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When we are talking about Gaming Technology, play station is the first name that strikes int the mind . Many More gaming consoles are available in the market like Xbox One etc.Play Station 4 is the new Gaming Console from Sony that also claims to be a slim console, while the earlier versions like PS3 and Xbox 360 were also said to be a slim console.Now PS4 is also in the same league with the 2016 redesign and comes up the PS4 slim but company has decided to call it Play Station 4 instead of PS4 Slim or anything else.

PlayStation 4Pro is expected in November this year but still we have a new PS4 which seems slim and has a cost of around $299 for the 500 GB model of the gaming console and so that 1TB model is also expected further in the downline.

The new Play Station 4 may be said to a budget PlayStation but that doesn't mean that sony is compromising somewhere in the specifications, Al the Specs are similar as that of Original Play Station 4 and it has some good advanced features also.

It can be said a smaller Gaming console , with the smaller size and 16% less weight as compared to the original Play Station 4 and also some noticeable improvements in the noise output and power draw.

As far as the PS4 games are concerned , these are good among the best available games on any platform right now,with some amazing games like Bloodborne, the envy of PC ,Uncharted 4 etc. All are compatible with the PS4 new version. It is sony's main concern to develop the device so that games on both the consoles should be compatible.

Play Station 4


PlayStation 4: Console

Play Station 4 is available with an HDMI cable , a USB charging cable, A DualShock 4 wireless controller and last it has an earbud headset to support the chat feature of the gaming console. earlier the Standard Gaming Console was available with the price range of $350 but after the recent price cut of $50, both the gaming consoles PS4 and XboxOne are available with the almost similar prices.

some of the exclusive games are Bloodborne ,Infamous: Second Son, Until Dawn,LittleBigPlanet 3 and Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection while some of the upcoming games areThe Last Guardian, No Man's Sky , Dreams,Street Fighter V , Uncharted 4: A Thief's End,Horizon Zero Dawn and Ratchet and Clank reboot etc.

PlayStation 4: ecosystem

The ecosystem of PalyStation 4 has various products out of which some have shared functionality like Ps4 games can be streamed by PS Vita through the remote play mode. Play Station 4 games play Vita games and Play Station titles can also be streamed through PSTV( Play Station TV). Some of the selected smartphones from Sony's Xperia series can also stream Gameplay from Play Station 4

One another offer of PlayStation Vue , an alternative for cable TV is starting with the cost of $50 a month with the Play Station 3 and PlayStation 4 ‘s PlayStation, its game streaming service is there for every Play Station platform and it allows users to subscribe and play games through the Sony Vault. If you will opt for a three-month service then it will cost you around $15 per month.

PlayStation 4: Firmware

The new update for the PS4's firmware will bring some amazing features this time as sony is always at regular intervals update the PS4's firmware, so this time, the features may have an option of

  • Party chat for the gamers or users
  • Gamers can also use YouTube live game broadcasting
  • It may include the Game communities and some event sections
  • resume or suspend option : earlier it was not possible to resume or to hold the game for a break and you have to again launch the game in case of suspending game but this time it is possible to resume the game from where you are right now.
  • Share Play option:now users will have the option to host a play session with their friends on the Ply Station network  which last till 60 seconds. Players can restart the session at the end. Co -op games can also be a part of Share play games that will engage the two players at the same time.Host player is required to have a Play Station Plus membership  in order to host the game as share play will work with any PS4 game
  • Restore:now you will have the option of backup and recovery of the data with the playStation 4 .

Play Station4:Performance

As compared to Xbox One PlayStation will have a faster speed to install the games and in PlayStation 4 , multiplatform games can run in higher resolution and user will  have a better play experience. sometimes it is also observed that PS4 will have a higher frame rate as that of Xbox One.

Play Station4 Pro's & Con's


  • It includes some of the Great games
  • It is a Good value product
  • It has improved in terms of power efficiency
  • DualShock 4 is better this time


  • Optical audio is removed this time
  • It doesn't have 4K Blu-ray player.