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ASUS, Republic of Gamers (ROG) disclosed its brand “ASUS ROG G20CB” on Thursday is a powerful, compact and console-sized gaming desktop, is the first PC in India powered with Nvidia Pascal GeForce GTX 1080GPU.

ASUS also launched its flagship ROG series “GL502” and world’s first Liquid-cooled laptop, “GX700”.

ASUS said that ROG G20CB is manufactured for gaming. The NVIDIA Pascal GPU is used in this device which is the most advanced graphics card ever created. This GPU promises unmatched performance, power efficiency and gaming experience driven by Pascal architecture.

Asus ROG G20CB

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ASUS ROG G20CB Gaming PC Design

ASUS ROG G20CB measures 104*61*340 mm dimensions.

This device comes with stylish design, the plastic used in this device has a matte black finish with no visible exhaust fans on the exterior. This device is thicker at its base and has a narrow top section with a cutaway design. Side panels of this device are angled, which prevents this machine from lying on its side.

The Graphic card is placed at one side of the case, a hard disk is placed on another small cage and small cooling fans placed at the top, all of which are locked down.

ASUS ROG G20CB Gaming PC Specification

 ASUS ROG G20CB device will run on 64 bit Windows10 Operating System, the device is powered by 6th generation 3.4 GHz Intel Core I7-6700 processor to provide faster productivity and creativity. This device comes with 16GB DDR4 RAM and has 2 TB storage

This Asus device will run on a Custom-Cooling Module and a fanless power adapter which might just end up being your noiseless gaming station.

The new GeForce GTX1080 card offers superior heat dissipation using vapor chamber cooling technology and premium materials. This card is the most advanced gaming graphics card which provides an un-disruptive HD gaming performance and entertainment for gamers.

The G20CB desktop is eco-friendly device delivering 50% energy saving, the device comes with 802.11 WiFi connectivity which provides strong signal delivery.

The front panel has two USB 3.0. Ports with four more on the rear and 6 audio jacks , other than this the have Bluetooth 4.0., one HDMI output, a headphone, and a microphone port.

ASUS ROG G20CB Gaming PC Price

The price of this gadget is not yet confirmed but is rumored to be cost nearly Rs. 1,85,990 in the Indian market and around $2,783 in the international market which is quite expensive because of its features, its luxury design.

This gaming desktop is available for purchase via ASUS website.

This luxury and the expensive gadget will face high competition and will compete with “ChillBlast” machine with 1,31,040 INR which uses Core I5-6600K processor and Alienware which offers a wide variety of alternatives priced at around 55,000INR.

This gadget comes with 1-year manufacturer warranty which is common with most of the popular brands in the market.