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Xbox One S is a play station gadget which let you play video games. The device is a little bit down then its previous gaming console Xbox One which was released in 2013. The Xbox One S comes with various add-on features like 4K resolution and HDR which let you play video games, gives cinematic experience.

Xbox One S is the only console which comes with Ultra-HD Blu-Ray and supports 4K resolution.

Xbox One S Design

Xbox One S comes with 40% smaller size which is little bigger than PS4. The device has an impressively designed AV rack. The grills present in Xbox One has been replaced by pinhole design makes the device look superb yet elegant one.

The device comes with shiny plastic at the back side of the gadget which is black in color makes the device look old and it has dust magnet. If its used on a daily basis then it suffers from scratches.

Xbox One S

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Xbox One S Specification

Xbox One S comes with similar features as Xbox One, including its upgraded version of HDMI 2.0. which gives an appropriate result of 4K at 60HZ. The device does not have Kinect port because of which you are not able to connect the device with USB adapter.

The device is equipped with an IR blaster which let the user turn on other devices like TV or home cinema amplifier. The device comes with an extended 2TB storage which gives plenty space used for storing game library. The device also comes with 500GB and 1TB configurations at a lesser price.

The device is powered by 1.75GHz 8-Core AMD custom processor with Radeon graphical processing unit coupled with 8GB RAM which let the user run multiple games at a single point in time. The GPU frequency of this gadget has been increased from 853MHz to 914MHz which increases the performance of the gadget.

Apart from the specification, the device comes with varied features like HDR which offers great vivid colors as well as great contrast and brightness. The device supports 4K resolution at 60Hz, 50Hz, and 24Hz.

Xbox One S Price

Xbox One S comes with different price variants – For 2TB version, it cost you $399 price in the international market and 26,500INR in the Indian market. For 1TB version, Xbox One S comes with a price of $350 in the international market and 23,400INR in the Indian market. For 500GB, the device will cost you $300 in the international market and 20,000INR in the Indian market.

Xbox One S

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Xbox One S


  • Smaller Size: Xbox One S comes with 40% smaller size as compared to Xbox's previous device Xbox One. The Xbox One measures 330mm*275mm*80mm dimensions which occupy large space in your desk like VCR. Xbox One S delivers less bulky power supply.
  • Ultra-HD Blu-Ray: Xbox One S comes with inbuilt Ultra-HD Blu-Ray player which supports 4K resolution and HDR compatibility technologies which give visual depth while playing video games. Xbox One S is the only gaming system which has inbuilt Ultra-HD Blu-Ray player. This Ultra-HD Blu-Ray gives real colors and vibrant mode while playing games.
  • Good Price: Xbox One S offers the price of $300 in the international market and 20,000INR in the Indian market. Xbox One S with Ultra-HD Blu-Ray comes with a cheaper price as compared with PS4 Pro which cost you around $400 and if you buy PS4 Pro with Ultra-HD Blu -Ray player then the cost of the device will get increase and offers $700.
  • IR Blaster: Xbox One S is powered with integrated IR Blaster which allows you to turn on other devices like TV, audio/video receiver, cable and satellite receiver.
  • Better Controller: Xbox One S offers better controller than other devices including Bluetooth 4.0. The gadget is equipped with finely textured grip with color covers on its back side. You can also reduce the number of remotes to control your game via Xbox One Elite Controller.
  • More Storage: Xbox One S offers 2TB storage which is a boon for hardcore gamers. Other devices like Xbox One which comes with 1TB storage.
  • Bundled with different games: Xbox One S comes with a varied collection of games including Halo2, Halo 3, Halo 4, Halo5 and Halo Master Chief Collection.


  • Upgrades: Xbox One S comes with many upgrades but the device is expected to come with new console code “Project Scorpio” yet which is set to be arrived in 2017. The other upgrade is Kinect Adapter which can not be used without a USB adapter hence it is currently not clubbed in the device. Microsoft pays more attention to the 4K video streaming which is not a necessity as compared to other upgrades.


If you are interested in playing video games, then you must buy the Xbox One S, if you don't have its previous device. Xbox One S comes with superb controller, an impressive Ultra HD Blu-ray player which gives cinematic experience while playing video games. Being smaller in size, the device brings the power supply into the box.

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