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It is every so often difficult to decide as to what are the reasons for the initiation of the engine light deprived of mechanical knowledge, so a lot of drivers continue driving in spite of the warning, triggering a serious loss. A fresh active car health observer, though, is capable of clarifying the significance of the problems in the car by taking the uncertainty outside the engine lights being lit or any other warning signs.

FIXD is a car monitor that is capable of monitoring the significant vehicular signs in any car while it has been plugged in to deliver easy to comprehend and humble assistance in English which is a global language. So, let’s know more about FIXD and the manner in which it works so to determine whether it works well for the device or not!

What Is FIXD – Active Car Health Monitor?

  • FIXD – Active Car Health Monitor is an innovative latest smart device, which connects with a spontaneous smartphone application to assist the car owners to understand the cautioning signs lighting up in their vehicle.
  • It is capable of helping the drivers to understand as well as uphold the shape of their vehicles in a better manner.
  • The car health monitor has been intended to convert the mechanical information into plain English language.
  • The main problem that FIXD – Active Car Health Monitor looks forward to addressing is the fact that the engine’s light monitoring is really uncertain, and might, actually, symbolize above 7000 other car related issues.
  • The FIXD fetches the indicative data straight from the car and converts this info into simple statistics that is accessible by means of a smartphone application to enable the car owners, fill them up with sureness while dealing with those mechanics, and convey level-headedness.

Working of the FIXD – Active Car Health Monitor

Through getting all the information about the car and conveying it to the smartphone by means of the Bluetooth connection, the FIXD monitor offers us easy and understandable information. Each time any car driver arrives in the car, the FIXD monitor gives him or her instant status update through the help of the FIXD application that provides an updated health analysis about their car.

In case the car is in decent mechanical condition, users are going to be provided a green signal, but numerous mechanical troubles, if existent, the app is going to display the warning signs. The users of the app will be able to witness a thorough clarification of every problem with their vehicle, together with a description of what is going to take place if the problem isn’t taken care of instantly.

By equating the mean reparation costs for each of the likely repair course in the United States, the application is capable of providing a very precise evaluation of what it is going to cost to get the issue rectified. FIXD – Active Car Health Application further offers the car owners through a convenient service listing that presents the drivers with a complete list of servicing tasks that require being achieved by fetching the odometer stats.

The application might further take care of many cars that have been connected with the FIXD vehicle monitor, permitting family units to trail the health condition of every car at once.

Price and Process to Buy

The FIXD is the sole way out obtainable all over the market that is capable of doing that for your car what an antivirus is able to perform for your computer. At only $59 for a single FIXD vehicle sensor, it’s extremely cheaper as compared to going to a mechanic each time the engine’s light is lit up, and even has the abilityto protect thousands of your earned dollars in due course.

FIXD is moreover working an advertising campaign in which the users are provided 50% discount on the purchase of the second FIXD monitor whilst buying or ordering two at one go, turning it out to be an amazing time for family units that possess 2 vehicles to achieve composure above the mechanical condition of their vehicle.

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