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A Portable ice maker is a thing that is in full demand in the summertime. we don't want to wait for long while the water in the ice trays turns to a pure transparent ice cube. During summertime as soon as the temperature rises outside we need something that will provide some sort of relief from the hot sweaty sunny day.

If you are searching for the best portable ice maker then you are at right place. We have filtered some of the best options out of the numerous options available outside. Let's check out the best options of the portable Ice maker.

Top 5 portable Ice Makers 

 Pounds/ day( pounds)Weight (pounds)Best buy
NewAir AI-100S2824.3amazon-button
Igloo ICE1032626.6amazon-button
DELLA 048-GM-481852621amazon-button
Gourmia GI1102621.4amazon-button
Avalon Bay AB-ICE26S2621.2amazon-button

NewAir AI-100S

The first Ice maker that is listed top in the list has a stylish, sleek and portable body that gives it a luxurious look.  The NewAir AI-100S will be used anywhere as in parties, at home, camping, or in an RV. AI-100S will produce 28 pounds of Ice per day. The Portable ice Maker has a removable Ice basket and scoop that will make it easy for the user to transport the ice cube to wherever you want.

Portable Ice maker
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  • Elegant look, compact design makes it perfect for compact spaces
  • The AI-100S will produce 28 pounds of ice per day
  • Select the ice size out of three different options through the LED control panel
  • Installation is not required just plug and play
  • It will take 15 minutes to produce fresh ice
Attractive and stylish lookMay produce noise
Easily operable
Perfect for compact spaces
Three different ice sizes

Igloo ICE103

Next in the list is the Igloo Ice 103 that will give you 26 pounds of Ice each day. The product has an oversized Ice bucket that has the capacity to hold up to 2.2 pounds of ice at a time. Igloo ICE 103 has three different Ice cube size settings so that you can easily select the size you want. ICE 103 runs on 120 watts of power and it also has a fan cooled compressor. You can easily take it anywhere as it is a lightweight and a stylish product with stainless steel finish.

portable ice maker
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  • It has portable Stainless Steel finish body 
  • 2.2 lbs of ice can be kept in an over-sized Ice bucket of the product
  • Select from 3 different Ice Cube Sizes
  • Offers you service in a minimum of 6 minutes
  • Gives you 26 lbs of ice each day
Easy to useDo not hold Frozen Ice for long
Comparatively quite
Convenient to use
Perfect for outdoor and in house uses

DELLA 048-GM-48185

The Della Portable Ice Maker will give you 26 pounds of ice each day and it has two different Ice cube size setting and the product takes an approximate time of 6 minutes to produce a batch of Ice. Della Portable Ice maker is really easy to operate with the push button design and the LED light indicator will make it easy for you to know the when is the time to add water and when the basket is full.

best ice maker
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  • Della Produces 26 lbs. of ice per day
  • It has 2 ice size settings 
  • Will take 6 minutes to produce a batch 
  • LED indicators let you the status to add water and empty ice
AffordableSharp edges
Easy to operateWet Ice
Sleek and stylish

Gourmia GI110

Next is the best Ice maker from Gourmia that is lightweight and compact and so it is easy to keep and carry. This product may fit in the compact spaces of your kitchen and gives you easy accessibility through the push buttons and digital controls. Gourmia produces up to 26 pounds of ice each day. The product comes with the removable ice bucket and a scoop to transfer the ice quickly and smoothly.

Portable Ice Maker
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  • It will give you 9 pieces of ice in just 10 minutes
  • Small and lightweight product
  • It has 3 different Ice cube size settings
  • Gourmia has features like the ice size selection, auto start/stop, Water tank refill alarm etc.
  • It will produce 26 pounds of ice per day
  • The product can be used at any location
Operate quietlyDigital display is a bit hard to understand
Full of features
Frozen cubes

Avalon Bay AB-ICE26S

The next is the Avalon bay AB ICE26S that is quite large in size and hence produces more Ice cubes. The Avalon is also capable of producing 26 pounds of Ice in a single batch. LED light indicators of the Avalon Bay will let you know when its time to fill the reservoir or when the ice bucket of the Avalon is full. Thre is a window on the product so that you can easily the entire process of making Ice cubes. You can easily pick one color of your choice out of three different color options of the Portable Ice maker.

best ice maker portable
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  • The Avalon Produces 26 lbs. ice on the daily basis
  • It is easily operable with push button controls
  • It takes 6 minutes to give you a fresh batch of ice
  • Select from 2 ice size settings
  • Comes with automatic overflow protection
Easy to useCubes will melt after some time
Makes Ice really fastA little big in size
Soft ice cubes

Top Recommendations

  • NewAir AI-100S

    The first product that is recommended from our side is the New Air Portable Ice maker that produces 28 pounds of Ice in a single batch and takes 15 minutes to give you the freshly frozen ice cubes.

  • Della 048-GM-48185

    Next recommended product is the Della 048-GM-48185 that produces 26 pounds of Ice cubes in just 6 minutes and looks stylish at any place. You can easily move anywhere with the portable Ice maker.