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Are you looking for the beautiful and stylish hummingbird feeder for your backyard? Then here we have lined up five hummingbird feeder which enhances your backyard look. If you are willing to purchase the highly rated humming feeder than buy Best Nectar feeder from the market as this feeder is a very durable product which comes with the superior quality. If you want multiple hummingbirds to feed at the single point in time then choose Lunchpail 3 feeder as it comes with the number of vessels to feed various hummingbirds at a time.

If you want an elegant feeder than purchase Parasol Bloompaq Bloom Perch  feeder which comes with the attractive and stylish look.

Top five hummingbird feeders

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Best Nectar FeederGlassamazon-button
Lunchpail 3Glassamazon-button
Best Glass Hummingbirds FeederGlass, plasticamazon-button
Parasol FiligreeGlass, brassamazon-button
Parasol BLOOMPAQ Bloom PerchGlassamazon-button

Best Nectar Feeder

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  • The best nectar feeder comes with the long-sized feeder which has circular shape perch at the bottom.
  • This hummingbird feeder has glass container which let you easily monitor the nectar level.
  • The best nectar feeder has the pewter plastic bottom which accelerates the look of the device.
  • The dimensions of this feeder are measured as 10*10*10 inches and have 2.8 pounds as weight.

The best nectar feeder is one of the durable product which comes with the glass body and pewter plastic at the bottom side of the feeder which let the hummingbird take rest. The materials used to built this feeder enhances the durability of the feeder. The best nectar feeder is very easy to set up, all you have to set up the feeder and hang it in your garden area. The best nectar feeder comes with an elegant yet attractive look and has the ability to attract hummingbirds towards itself.

DurableLittle expensive
Attractive look
Easy set-up

Lunchpail 3

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  • The Lunchpail 3 feeder comes with three vessels.
  • The vessels of the lunchpail 3 are made up of recycled glass.
  • The Lunchpail 3 has “S” shaped hook which let you hang this feeder in your garden area.
  • The number of vessels allows multiple birds to feed at the single point in time.
  • The red flower on the top vessel gives the feeder a stylish look.

Lunchpail 3 is the feeder which has antique old design body. The feeder is made up of recycled glass which gives the feeder an ancient look. The Lunchpail 3 measures the dimensions as 3-inches*12-inches and has three vessels line up vertically. Each vessel comes with the recycled glass body which looks attractive. The Lunchpail 3 is available in Aqua color option. So purchase this product and add beauty in your garden area.

3 vesselsNot attractive
SpaciousOld design
Recycled glass body

Best Glass Hummingbirds Feeder

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  • The best glass hummingbird feeder comes with the gem-cut glass body.
  • High-quality material is used to built this feeder.
  • Attractive and beautiful body.
  • This hummingbird feeder measured the dimensions as 6.2-inches length, 6.2-inches width, and 8.9-inches height.
  • The best glass hummingbird offers 24 ounces nectar capacity.

Best Glass Hummingbird feeder is one of the most beautiful feeders which comes with the gem-cut glass body. The high-quality material is used to construct this feeder which saves the device from wear and tear. This is one of the most impressive feeders which attracts not only hummingbirds towards itself but your neighbors will also appreciate while looking at the feeder. Installing or setting up of this feeder is very easy, so buy this product, hang in your garden area, add nectar to it, and let the bird comes towards it.

Gem-cut glass bodyLittle expensive
Attractive look
Easy set-up

Parasol Filigree

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  • The beautiful aqua color makes the feeder stylish.
  • The Parasol Filigree has the cylindrical shaped container.
  • The capacity of the Parasol Filigree is 20 ounces.
  • At the bottom side, you will see three plastic flowers on the brass base which enhance the look of the parasol filigree.

If you want to change the look of your garden area or backyard to give a maritime look then the parasol filigree is the best feeder which can change the look of your garden area. All you have to hang this feeder in your backyard which comes with the “S” shaped hook. The Parasol Filigree is the device which is made up of recycled glass and has the rubber stopper. The parasol filigree feeder has the capacity to hold 20 ounces nectar in it and has three ports on its base which come with the red plastic flower shape.


Recycled glass bodyLess durable
3 ports on brass base
Available in Aqua color

Parasol BLOOMPAQ Bloom Perch

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  • The Parasol boom feeder comes with the elegant resting place which gives the product a stylish look.
  • Along with the resting place, you will get the decanter look top which let you refill the feeder easily and is easy to clean.
  • The parasol boom feeder has shiny glass body.

Parasol Bloompaq Bloom perch is one of the most beautiful hummingbird feeders which is made up of recycled materials glass and flasks like top which you can remove for filling water and food. Talking about the design, the Parasol BLOOMPAQ comes with the simple design which requires less effort while cleaning. The appearance of this product is similar like antique lanterns. This product can hold 16-ounces Nectar. So if you want an attractive yet magnificent product then buy this product.

Attractive designLow capacity
Easy to cleanHigh Price
Made up of recycled glass