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Are you looking for gas burners? Here we have listed our top picks gas ranges which come with high-powered gas burners and advanced features. If your main focus in the price range than Frigidaire FGGF 3035 RF burner is one of the best choices for you. If you want the stylish and elegant burner then GE PGS950SEFSSSamsung NX58H9500WS  is the best as this gas ranges come with the beautiful design which looks superior as well as professional, you might just like to check out some of the best induction Stove thus just as an addition to your cooking gear.

If your main focus is on features and specification then the purchase Kucht KRG3080U gas burner. Check out their specifications below which will give you the overview of the gas burner.

Top 11 Gas Ranges 

 Number of BurnersSizeBuy Now
Frigidaire FGGF3035RF530-inchesamazon-button
Samsung NX58H9500WS530-inchesamazon-button
Kucht KRG3080U430-inchesamazon-button
Thor Kitchen HRG3031U430-inchesamazon-button
GE PGS950SEFSS530-inchesamazon-button
Frigidaire FFGF3023LB430-inchesamazon-button
Thor Kitchen HRG3080U430-inchesamazon-button
Bosch HGI8054UC 800530-inchesamazon-button
LG LDG4315ST530-inchesamazon-button
Verona VEFSGG365NDSS536-inchesamazon-button
Cosmo COS-965AG536-inchesamazon-button

Frigidaire FGGF3035RF

Frigidaire FGGF3035RF gas range is one of the best appliances for family meal times. The power burner on this gas range offers great power as well as boil dishes fastly which will help you cook soups and to boil vegetables. You will see grated edges/ corner of power burner which let you cook pancakes easily without lifting. You can also put heavy pots on the burner to cook for the party. The appliance comes with Quick Bake Convection which let you bake chicken nuggets, cake and pastries, and even pizzas. The Frigidaire gas range is very easy to use as well as this appliance cleans the oven itself as it is equipped with the self-cleaning option.

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  • You can bake various dishes on its Quick Bake Convection as it offers speedily baking without any disturbance which let you cook Pizzas, cake, and pastries.
  • The oven is equipped with the self-cleaning option which has the ability to clean itself. The oven cleans itself after 2, 3, and 4 cycles.
  • The appliance is equipped with Power burner which offers fantastic power as well as speedy boiling time. The burner comes with grated corners and edges which are very comfortable to hold heavy pots and weighted pans.
  • Frigidaire comes with the stainless steel body which resists fingerprints and is easy to clean.

Pros and Cons

Powerful BurnersBurners not sealed
Self cleaning
Affordable price
Quickly heat up

Samsung NX58H9500WS

Samsung gas ranges come with the premium look and have the stylish outer body. The Samsung NX58H9500WS comes with the sleek body which has touchscreen panel with responsive buttons which enhance the interior of your kitchen as this appliance comes with mesmerizing appearance having the 30-inch gas range with responsive knobs, grated design, the large oven and has touchscreen panel which gives the appliance a stylish look. The Samsung NX58H9500WS not only has the stylish appearance but also equipped with powerful features.

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  • This Samsung appliance comes with 5 sealed burners which you can use to cook tasty dishes.
  • The appliance offers 5.8 Cu.ft. capacity with light controls.
  • The device comes with the true convection which requires 120 volts.
  • The Samsung NX58H9500WS gas range is the slide-in gas range.

This gas range also delivers the addon features like griddle which you can use for cooking special dishes. The visual appearance of this appliance is marvelous.

Pros and Cons

Professional looksOven is average
Sealed burnersHigh price
Slide-in gas range
Easily cleaning

Kucht KRG3080U

Kucht KRG3080U gas range measures the dimensions as 29-inches *30-inches *40-inches and has 172 pounds weight. The appliance is equipped with single British thermal unit convection which comes with 22,000BTU as well as the appliance has 15,000BTU broiler as well as the interior of the oven is equipped with porcelain which comes in Blue color. The appliance requires 110 Volts power with grates.

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  • The appliance is equipped with single 18,000BTU burner along with 15,000BTU dual burner and two 12,000BTU burners.
  • The appliance comes with Blue color porcelain oven having 22,000BTU and has 15,000BTU broiler.
  • The appliance requires an electronic ignition for initiation.
  • The Kutch gas range comes with iron grates.

Pros and Cons

Impressive designExpensive
Powerful body4 burners
Sturdy burners

Thor Kitchen HRG3031U

Thor Kitchen is the impressive gas range which is equipped with stainless steel finishing body with grated materials. You can use this appliance for not only cooking but you can use this appliance for Broiling as well as Boiling. The appliance measures the dimensions as 27.5-inches *30-inches *39.8-inches. The appliance comes with 250 pounds weight. The appliance needs 120 volts electricity. The Thor Kitchen appliance comes with Manual control for oven along with the electronic ignition as well as auto re-ignition.

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  • The appliance is equipped with flexible heavy-duty legs which you can adjust according to your desire.
  • The Thor Kitchen appliance is equipped with two burners having 15,000BTU and two 12,000BTU burners along with 16,500BTU infrared broiler.
  • The appliance comes with the large sized oven having iron grates.
  • The Thor appliance comes with 22,000BTU convection oven.

Pros and Cons

Boiler with broilerAverage oven
Value for money
Attractive Design


In order to change the interior of your kitchen as well as looking for the exceptional gas range appliance than GE PGS950SEFSS is the best device. The GE PGS950SEFSS gas range is equipped with the stainless steel body which delivers not only the elegant and professional looks but outstanding in cooking task as the appliance is equipped with amazing features which enhance the versatility of the device. The GE appliance delivers great performance in terms of cooking and baking. GE always launches excelled quality gas ranges.

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  • The appliance comes with hanging cooktop.
  • This GE gas range comes with dual oven ranges.
  • You will get Convection Baking oven as well along with the warming Drawer.
  • The appliance comes with the Self-cleaning option.

If you purchase this gas range then you will get the 10-year warranty on its major components.

Pros and Cons

Outstanding DesignHigh Price
Excellent Performance
Highly Recommended
10-year warranty

Frigidaire FFGF3023LB

The Frigidaire FFGF3023LB is a gas range that offers a lot at the minimum price and has a whole lot of features for that amount of money, which you won’t be able to handle! It is a large capacity gas range so that you may cook more at a single go. This top-class and highly accessible gas range has been built as well as designed in the United States of America. With this unit, you are able to select the cooking options as well as temperatures through its easy-to-use controls. Further, the unit is easy to clean up and remains to give you that fabulous black look. The 14,000BTU burner boils water faster as you would have ever imagined. It oven automatically shut down after 12-hours to offer extra safety. This gas range looks stylish having a large window, which makes it simple to observe your meal even without opening its door.

 gas range review
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  • It offers a really versatile assembly of burners.
  • The ready-select controls are amazing when utilized.
  • Its sealed gas burners are easier to clean and preserve its good looks.
  • This unit also possesses a one-touch self-clean utility.
  • The matte black conclude gives it an enduring glossy appearance.

Pros and Cons

Sealed gas burnersNot a double oven unit
Ready-select controls
One-touch self clean

Thor Kitchen HRG3080U

This 30” freestanding gas range stands out from the other models owing to its ergonomically designed cook top. This range-top cook top comprises of four burners that have been sealed as they are more proficient as compared to those which are open. A sealed burner won’t put through the flame into the open. It further checks whether there is any spillage of food into the flame. All the four burners are having black drip pan made up of porcelain. But, the finest trait that offers charm to this range-top cook top is the addition of three distinct cast iron cooking grates. Now, you would never need to lift that cookware from a burner to another but you may just glide it to switch burners. This system further permits effortless movement of heavy cookware and pots.

 gas ranges review
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  • This gas range offers a 4.2 cu. ft. oven capacity for preparing several dishes at once.
  • The highly powered 22,000 BTU oven offers fast cooking.
  • It consists of 4 burners of different heating capacities (18,000, 15,000, and two 12,000BTU).
  • It also possesses a contemporary stainless steel surface that is easy to clean and looks great.
  • It comes with a 2-year warranty which covers parts and labor.

Pros and Cons

Highly powered convection ovenAbsence of self-clean option
Stainless steel casing
Easy to clean

Bosch HGI8054UC 800

The BOSCH HGI8054UC is a quite big oven having a 4.8 cu. ft. capacity. The people having an average size family are going to have no trouble feeding them at once. It provides the general features such as a big window along with a luminous interior light. Together they are going to help in saving a lot of energy by diminishing your requirement of opening the oven door once in a while to check. It's a well-designed machine comprising of stainless steel casing and durable knobs. It provides five sealed burners that are situated beneath the continuous grates, which offers a lot of room while cooking. The grates allow us to move the pans easily, and the top BTU burners give rise to quick heating and range from 5,000 to 18,000BTU! The 18,000 burner is particularly handy whilst preparing a large pot of veggies. The keypad of this Bosch gas range is really small and effortless to comprehend. In all, it is a nice gas range to buy for your family and to grace your kitchen.

gas ranges
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  • This gas range comprises of 5 sealed burners that can be easily cleaned.
  • The main burner provides an 18,000 BTU heating capacity for quick cooking.
  • The 4.6 cu. ft. convection oven offers a lot of space.
  • The gas range also possesses a pyrolytic self-clean utility.
  • The diverse 9 cooking modes provide a lot of versatility.

Pros and Cons

Pyrolytic self-cleanNo grilling option
9 different cooking modes
5 sealed burners


This gas range from LG has been totally constructed out of stainless steel, in a similar fashion such as the other top-class twin-oven gas range. In case you are searching for a beautifully constructed and long-lasting unit this can certainly be an ideal selection for you. LG is a brand that is well-recognized in the market, which is really significant and plays a major role if you desire to discover a quality oven for your kitchen. The users are really contented with this unit, so you might not be able to uncover any bad review for this double oven gas range. If your budget allows you, this gas range is an excellent purchase and is going to fit in every kitchen.

best gas range
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  • This gas range from LG comes with a 2-year warranty from the manufacturer.
  • The 6.9CuFt double oven gas range provides a lot of cooking space and efficiency.
  • The ProBake convection adds a lot to the unit for making bread.
  • It is really easy to clean and adds to the beauty of your kitchen.
  • The quick broil functionality is really effectual as well.

Pros and Cons

Double OvenSluggish racks
Glass touch controls
Pro-bake convection


The Verona VEFSGG365NDSS is a fabulous 36” unit that has a lot to offer. It comprises of a 5-burner assembly and a dual oven along with a dual fuel gas range completely made up of stainless steel. It is a top-class product that we can suggest anyone purchase. These products match the valued standards and are certified to offer a quality that you can rely on. A majority of consumers who have bought the Verona VEFSGG365NDSS 36-Inch gas range are really pleased with the product.

gas range 2017
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  • This unit lights burners with no requirement of the standing pilot.
  • The preparation of food can also be timed as per your convenience.
  • When the food is ready to eat, it buzzes to notify you.
  • Its convection fan arrangement provides the total exchange of air achievable.

Pros and Cons

Convection fan systemDoesn't self clean
Cooking timer
Doesn't need a standing pilot

Cosmo COS-965AG

This gas range provides a 3.8 cubic foot of volume and an oven with a heating capacity of 19,000 BTU. It has space as well as the power to make sure you are done with you cooking really fast. It comprises of a 15,000 BTU broiler to grill and browns the food. The Cosmo COS-965AG presents 5 top-performance Italian burners and a power-driven roasting rod. The high-class gas burners permit you to prepare food with ample heat for frying or boiling. The detachable backsplash provides it the adaptability to be utilized as a freestanding gas range.

gas range review 2017
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  • It has a 3.8 cu. ft. oven volume for preparing several meals at once.
  • The unit possesses a rotary roasting rod for roasting chicken and meat.
  • The 15,000 BTU Broiler is fabulous for grilling and roasting food.
  • The classy stainless steel control knobs provide a lot of ease while cooking.

Pros and Cons

Italian burnersAuto-clean utility absent
Motorized roasting rod
Stainless steel casing

Top Picks

The highly recommended gas range is GE PGS950SEFSS which comes with excellent features that deliver outstanding performance, as well as this appliance, looks very professional and stylish. If you are looking to purchase the gas range then go for gas slide-in sealed burner GE PGS950SEFSS gas range appliance.

The second recommendation from this listing that we would suggest you buy for your kitchen is the Bosch HGI8054UC 800 which bears a quite popular brand name in the market. It has all that you need from your gas range and will suit your kitchen very well. Furthermore, it cleans effortlessly owing to its pyrolytic self-clean utility and has a huge range of features as well.