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If you are suffering from the asthmatic problem or other allergic problems then you might be looking for the best air purifiers. Air purifiers are the device which cleans the air coming from outside by escaping the dust particles, pollen, smoke,  and other airborne particles. Here we have lined up five air purifiers which help to select the best one among them.

 Top 5 Air Purifiers in India

 Technologies UsedCapacity (square feet)WarrantyBuy Now
Blueair 650EHEPAUp to 7005-yearamazon-button
Blueair 450EHEPA34 - 3705-yearamazon-button
Philips AC40724-stage purificationup to 5922-yearamazon-button
Honeywell Air Touch-Pthree-stage filtrationUp to 6751-yearamazon-button
Panasonic F-PXH55MWUNanoe purification 4521-yearamazon-button

Blueair 650E Digital

Blueair 650E HEPA Silent air purifier is the most efficient and effective device which has the ability to clean the indoor air up to 700 square feet. This air purifier is powered with HEPA silent technology which let you control the quality of the air using the remote control and the digital display. You can also set the auto mode of the purifier which regulates the speed automatically.

blueair air purifier
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The device is equipped with the digital display which delivers the information or the status of the air quality. The Blueair 650E delivers the 99.9% impurity.

Main Features

  • HEPA Silent technology is used.
  • Delivers almost 99.9% purified air.
  • You can use this product for large size room as it has the capacity to clean the air up to 700 square feet.
  • The device comes with remote control, timer and digital indicator.
  • Offers the highest CADR ratings.

Pros and Cons

99.9% efficiency rateExpensive
CADR rate above 450Little noise on high speeds
Covers nearby 700 square feet area
Elegant and stylish designed body
Sensitive to smoke and dust

Blueair 450E 

Blueair 450E air purifier is powered by the HEPA silent technology which has the ability to control the quality of the air. The air purifier cleans the air present in the room up to 370 sq ft. You can access the air purifier either by remote control or change the settings by own. You can also set the purifier's auto mode which automatically regulates the speed. The digital display which is incorporated in the device gives you the status of the air quality.

   blueair air purifier
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Main Features

  • Equipped with HEPA silent technology.
  • Used for mid-size rooms which lie between 34 sq. ft. to 370 sq.ft.
  • The device comes with the remote control and digital display.
  • Delivers 99.9% efficiency to puriication.

Pros and Cons

99.9% efficiency rateAlways-on ionizer as its filter
Having wheel casterNot able to kill mold
Effectively filter out pollens and odors

Philips AC4072 

Philips AC 4072 Air purifier product gives 4 step purification stages wherein first step, the device filters the air by removing all the dust particles and hair present in the air. In the second stage, HEPA filtration escapes all the ultra-minute particles wherein the third stage, the carbon filter removes the odor and various gases. In the last stage, the device uses the HEPA filter which eliminates the dust particles and germs present in the air.

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Main Features

  • Offers the 4-stage purification to purify the air.
  • The product offers the 2-year warranty on the product.
  • The device requires 38-watt power and near about 240-volt voltage.
  • The device is equipped with air quality sensor.

Pros and Cons

Three step light indicatorCostlier
Equipped with smart sensorNot as much efficient for large size rooms
Gives an alert to replace the filter
Consume less energy

Honeywell Air Touch-P 

Honeywell Air touch purifier is equipped with two filters which provide three stage filtration system and delivers 99% efficiency during purification. Apart from this, the product comes with 450 m3/h CADR rate which cleans the air up to 675 sq ft. The Honeywell Air touch purifier consumes 66-watt power. The body of the product comes with the superior metallic finishing of the Polycarbonate body with smooth panels.

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Main Features

  • Offers 450m3/h CADR ratings.
  • It can be used for the large rooms up to 675 square feet coverage area.
  • Equipped with 2 filters which provide three-stage filtration system wherein pre-filter stage the purifier purifies the air by escaping the dust particles and in high filter stage, it removes the bacteria, viruses, and various pollens present in the market.
  • The air purifier is powered by the sensor which displays the exact reading of the purified air.
  • The Honeywell air purifier offers the 1-year warranty.
  • Along with the purifier, you will get 2 more filters and QSG with the product manual.

Pros and Cons

99% efficientNot as much efficient as above air purifiers
Equipped with pre filter
Honeycomb design
HiSiv patented technology

Panasonic F-PXH55MWU

Panasonic F-PXH55MWU gives you the 3D circulation airflow which is split into two modes, “Side airflow” and “front airflow”. The device has the ability to cover the 452 sq ft area to purifies the air. The air purifier is powered with nano purification which purifies the air escaping the ultra minute bacteria and viruses.

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The Panasonic F-PXH55MWU offers the 1-year warranty on the product and assurance of 10 years life for the filter. The device consumes 49 watts power to work and requires 220 volts voltage to operate the device.

Main Features

  • The air purifier offers the 3D airflow circulation.
  • Apart from the air purifier, the product offers the product manual.
  • The device comes with the 1-year warranty as well as 10 years for a filter.
  • The air purifier covers around 452 square feet area.
  • Nanoe purification is incorporated in this air purifier which has the ability to escape even the minute bacterias.

Pros and Cons

Cheap priceShorter life of filters
Nanoe technologyAverage performance
Odor and light sensor
3D airflow circulation

Key points to remember before purchasing the Air Purifier

Filters and Features: Buy an air purifier which must be equipped with HEPA filters because HEPA filters remove almost 99% of the airborne irritants as well as dust pollutants. Many air purifiers will give you an assurance to eliminate the bad odor present inside the room.

CADR: CADR is the clean air delivery rate which has to be checked before purchasing the air purifier. Purifier which has high CADR rate offers the best performance. So before purchasing any purifier, check the CADR rate, higher CADR rate more than 300 indicates the better-performing air purifier whereas lower CADR rate below 100 signifies the least performing device.

Top Picks

Best pick in terms of efficiency and larger rooms! 

Blueair 650E air purifier is one of the best air purifiers which is very efficient and delivers 99.97% efficiency rate. You can use this purifier for the large sized room up to 700 square feet and is equipped with HEPA technology.

Value for money pick! 

Honeywell Air touch is one of the most efficient purifiers which comes with powerful features equipped with amazing technology which delivers 99%  efficiency rate. If you are looking for air purifier with powerful technology at affordable price then honeywell air touch is the best air purifier.